Candy Board Game-themed Birthday Party

Think outside the (game) box and throw a fun, board game-themed party!

Games transport children to fantastical worlds. Whether you’re a real estate mogul or playing through a classic whodunit, it’s hard to not get caught up in board games, even as adults!

For your child’s next birthday party, why not bring that world to life? From castles of candy to seas of ice cream, this candy board game-themed party will entertain everyone — adults included.

Chocolate Bar Wrapper Invitations

What kind of party would it be with an invitation that falls flat? This particular party calls for a sweet, custom invitation!

1 candy bar per guest
Glue stick or double-sided tape


  1. Slide the paper wrapper from the candy bar (keep the foil or other second wrapper on)
  2. Carefully detach the removed wrapper and lay it out flat
  3. Measure the dimensions of the paper wrapper
  4. Either measure out and cut paper to the wrapper’s dimensions or design your own wrapper to those dimensions
  5. Cut out wrappers, wrap the chocolate bar and attach with either the glue stick or double-sided tape

This theme practically demands bright pinks and brilliant colours in general, but here are a few ideas to set the scene:

  • Life-size Board Game: Using a homemade, water-soluble sidewalk paint (a 1:2 ratio of cornstarch to water with some food colouring added to it), brush each square of the sidewalk leading up to the front door with bright colours to resemble the squares on the actual board game.
  • Candy-striped Tablecloths: Visit your local fabric store and find bolts of red and white-striped cloth to add to the candy shop feel and unify the entire motif.
  • Lollipop Props: Affix a large disc of craft foam to a wooden dowel and wrap the disc with coloured cellophane. They’re even light enough to hang from a ceiling. If you have any candy cane lawn ornaments from the holidays, feel free to bring those out, too! This also works with cellophane-wrapped balloons.
  • Use Game Boards as Accents: Dust off the old board games and display them for all the partygoers to see — and play! Simply bend the board slightly so they stand up on tables or counters.
  • Candy: Of course! From large bowls full of jellybeans, gum drops or other sweet treats to miniature gumball/candy machines, this can’t be a candy-themed party without the main attraction!

Tip: Use spoons or small scoops for little pieces of candy so guests don’t have to use their hands to get their fill.

  • Game Card Pennants: String up cards from board games using clothespins and regular clothesline string.

Complete the party with these bright ideas that everyone will love:

  • Fruits and Veggies Rainbow: The colourful spectrum of fresh fruits and vegetables makes this project both colourful and nutritious. Just remember the order of the colours in a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and the possibilities are endless! Try red apple slices (skin-side up), orange slices, banana chips/slices, celery stalks, blueberries and grapes for a party tray that’s attractive and delicious. Place two cups of caramel dip at the end of each rainbow, and you’ll have your pot of gold, too!
  • Gingerbread Man Sandwiches: Whether you make your own gingerbread cookies or get store-bought ones, these fun takes on ice cream sandwiches make for a perfect dessert. Simply sandwich some softened vanilla (or other flavour) ice cream between two gingerbread man cookies. Keep it together with plastic wrap and refreeze the sandwiches.
  • Dice Cake: If you bake or buy a plain sheet cake, coat it with a layer of white frosting and add the dots. (Just remember, opposite sides of a die add up to seven!)
  • Liquorice Straws: Bring back this childhood favourite and offer beverages with a liquorice vine for sipping.

A candy board-game themed birthday party is sure to be a hit for kids, as well as adults with a sweet tooth and a love for games!

Do you have any fun ideas for a party theme? Log in or register for P&G everyday and let us know in the comments section below!


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