Birthday Party Ideas: Outer Space

Throw your little Martian a birthday party that’s out of this world with these ideas.

By: Amanda Palmer

Let your little Martian or astronaut be the star of a birthday party full of cosmic treats and fun!

If you’re feeling crafty, pick up a box of blank greeting cards and envelopes, and then trace and cut out a rocket-shaped card. Use a second card to write or print out the launch time and coordinates. Try using a fine-point neon marker or gel pen on black paper for an extra glow.

Set the scene outside in a party tent or inside with a galaxy room.

Outside: The party tent becomes the hub. Here, you can string lights around the edges, hang black tablecloths down the sides and use paper lanterns to hang from the centre as planets.

Inside: Black tablecloths can be used behind the snack table. This would be the centre of the universe, with paper lanterns hanging in front. Pick up some shiny star cutouts or make your own to stick to the cloth.

Blow up some green balloons and even throw a glow stick inside to signal the party zone. Overhead, colourful streamers can twist under the ceiling like cosmic string.

You can also make planets and solar system by painting foam balls and connecting any orbiting moons with wire. Hang them from the ceiling with string or fishing line.

If you can snag a large cardboard box, you and your child can paint or decorate it like a rocket and cut out a window for a quick homemade head-in-the-hole photo stand for party invaders to pose in!


  • Star-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or mini pancakes
  • Cupcakes with bright green frosting and star-shaped sprinkles
  • Alien grub: puffed rice treats with blue/green food colouring
  • Alien-ade drinks: classic lemonade with blue and green food colouring
  • Fruit kebabs made with star fruit (to mimic a rocket ship)
  • Green gelatine cups with marshmallow eyeballs attached to straws
  • Astronaut juice: foil juice pouches

Activities and Games
Let the creative juices flow! Provide paper, foil, pipe cleaners, markers, glue, glitter and more for the kids to create rocket ships. Collect enough paper towel rolls to serve as the base and show them how to create a cone (or pre-make some) for the top. String, ribbons and streamers can trail from the bottom.

Set up the galaxy room by switching out the bulbs with black lights. Glow-in-the- dark stars can sprinkle on the walls and ceiling. Take fluorescent tape and wrap up some plastic cups or Mason jars and set them up on a long table. Using a glow-in-the-dark table tennis ball, have the kids “toss the moon rock”: Each child throws five times and the child with the most hits wins a prize.

Set up an obstacle course or scavenger hunt to collect glow sticks and bracelets. For the course, include three revolutions of a hoop (which will serve as a party favour), and then dress up like an astronaut or alien by putting on three costume pieces. Finish by picking up as many water balloons as possible and running them back to the beginning without dropping them as they tag in the next player.

Rocket blasters: Spray paint two cola bottles silver and stuff them full of long scraps of red and yellow fabric to mimic flames. Have your birthday boy wear them on suspenders throughout the party.

Party Gifts
The kids can leave with an orbiting hula-hoop and a collection of glow sticks and bracelets. Throw in some foil-wrapped chocolates for a little something sweet. Let these ideas inspire you to throw a birthday bash that’s out of this world!
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