Birthday Party: 5 Hollywood Theme Ideas

Throw the party of the season with homage to old-fashioned Hollywood with our five ideas.

By: Grace Mitchell

It’s awards season, and what could be better than planning parties and organizing galas and birthday parties to celebrate your favourite flicks and television shows? Don’t just be a bystander as Hollywood passes you by — get in on the awards excitement and have some fun! Read on for some lively ideas for a Hollywood-style celebration.

1. Host an Awards Party Gala
Invite friends over for an awards party and have them walk up to your door on the red carpet. Simply cut some red fabric to size for a simple version of the Hollywood staple.

Tip: Make the theme extra fun by having the guests dress in awards party attire. For favours, hand out swag bags at the door complete with samples of lotions and snacks.

Tip: Send out invitations to the party that look like passes to your favourite awards show.

2. Award Show Games: A fun way to spice up watching your favourite awards show is to play games during the event! Have guests write down their “nominations” for Best Dressed, Best Award Speech, Best Hair, etc. At the end of the awards show, take all of the nomination sheets and tally the winners. Announce them before guests leave so they can see if their choice was a winner.

3. Have a Classic Movie Night
Show a black and white film or a favourite classic movie and invite friends to join in. Set up old-fashioned movie concessions with soda pop, popcorn and vintage candy. For some extra excitement, invite moviegoers to come dressed as their favourite classic character.

4. Indulge in Chick Flicks
Gather your girlfriends for a night of chick flick fun! Prepare a decadent spread of salty and sweet treats, complete with snack bowls for movie munching. Have guests pamper themselves while the movie’s playing by setting up stations for manicures and pedicures at home.

5. Superhero Movie Party
Throw a Hollywood-themed birthday party for your child based on their favourite superhero movie. Have guests come dressed as their favourite superhero and give out superhero power snacks.

Tip: Have the kids make masks as a craft activity to take home as favours.

Tip: Looking for more birthday party inspiration? Check out our ideas for a science-themed or rock-star themed celebration.

What’s your favourite part of awards season? Tell us in the comments section below!

Grace Mitchell writes the Interior Design/DIY blog, A Storied Style. She loves old movies and musicals, and lives in Texas with her husband and four children.



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