Throw a Spring Celebration Party

Throw a Spring Celebration Party

Get tips on throwing a festive, fun-filled spring welcoming party.

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than a dinner with friends. Follow cooking and entertaining expert Joana Roque's advice and have a fantastic meal, great conversation and catch up with your pals.

Instead of counting down the days until all the barbecues, beaches and long lazy days of summer, how about inviting friends for a dinner that commemorates the arrival of spring? Spice up a regular get-together with a themed dinner — and dedicate the entire menu to spring.

Choose a Fresher Menu
Choose fruit and vegetables of the season; with the arrival of spring, you’ll have more options and the ingredients become more colourful. Asparagus, fresh peas, broccoli, leeks and strawberries are just a couple favourites.

Try making a colourful, nutritious and tasty soup accompanied by some bruschetta, or a delicious dessert with strawberries.

Setting the Table for Spring
Spring is all about colour and natural beauty. You can even take it outside!


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A vibrant or flowered tablecloth with simple white dishes always looks good. Choose cups of different shapes and colours for a livelier table and place napkins of a strong and vivid colour that brings the look together.

Don’t forget the flowers, either! A nice floral arrangement serves as an unmistakable symbol of spring. A beautiful flower bouquet gives the finishing touch to your table, and a beautiful table is indispensable for a great dinner.

If you want to spread some responsibility — and have an instant conversation starter once the party starts — make it a potluck party! Make a list of everything you’ll need (appetizers, main course, dessert) and assign the items to your guests. All you have to do is set up a place to put everything.

And since you are celebrating spring with friends, take the opportunity to organize future dinners with them. Rotate hosting duties — as well as the menu — to keep things fresh and enjoyable.

Casual, cosy get-togethers like these are great ways to celebrate the good things in life, close friends and just being together. And there’s no better time to do it in than spring.

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Seems a little weird that you have ideas for everything except the two most major events to party. A Baby shower and a wedding shower. Now THAT would have been helpful.

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awww not here on the wet coast. It's nice but wet :)

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If we ever get spring! It's April 17th and its snowing AGAIN!

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