Creative Cookie Gifting Ideas

Creative Cookie Gifting Ideas

Get ideas to present your cookie gifts in fun, creative packaging.

Cookie gifting never gets old. Whether you’re thanking a gracious hostess or surprising a kindhearted co-worker, a fresh-baked batch of cookies is all you need. Go one step further and create a lasting impression with these unique cookie-packaging ideas. Try one of these seven easy, thoughtful ideas for an unexpected way to gift your cookies.

  1. Kitchen Textiles
 For a gift that keeps on giving, wrap baked goods in tea towels, dish towels or cloth napkins. Start by putting them in a resealable plastic bag, then place the bag in the centre of your textile. Gather the corners at the top and then tie into a decorative knot.
  1. Mason Jar
 Package goodies in something with a fun, folksy feel. Layer sweets in a mason jar, seal, wrap the neck with natural fibers like raffia or twine and finish with a handmade gift tag. This homespun treatment works well with shortbreads.

Tip: Make your own gift tags from brown paper bags. Trace a cookie cutter onto the paper and then cut it out. Punch a hole near an edge and secure to the gift with ribbon, or use double-sided tape to turn it into a sticker tag.

  1. Paper Cones
 Bring back a tradition from the Victorian times by filling decorative paper cones with petite goodies — think dainty drop cookies. Give friends and family tissue paper-lined, cookie-filled cones as a party favour or surprise overnight visitors by hanging full cones from their doors.

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  1. Clear Cellophane
 Instead of hiding hand-decorated sugar cookies and other colourful confections, why not show them off? Buy a roll of clear cellophane, wrap a piece around each cookie, twist the ends and then tie with ribbons (the final look resembles a wrapped hard candy).
  1. Basic Box
 Even a plain store-bought box can be spruced up in special ways. Line the box with tissue paper and then add your sweets. Adorn the box with a beautiful bow made from colourful ribbon. Our favourite colour combination? A plain brown box wrapped in bold gold or sparkling silver ribbon.
  1. Handcrafted Envelopes
 For your next get-together, slide single cookies into brown lunch bags, fold over the tops, trim with scallop-edged scissors and seal. Finish the look with decorative trim (try doilies) and homemade tags. Or, place one cookie in the centre of an 8-by-8-inch square of tissue or wax paper, fold in the sides so the points meet at the centre, and then do the same for the top and bottom. Secure the flaps with a festive or monogrammed sticker.

Are you famous for a certain kind of cookie? What’s your favourite cookie packaging idea?

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