Tickets Please: Framing Your Adventures

Transform your collection of tickets and other treasures into something wall-worthy.

The last time I ventured up to our third floor attic I found myself distracted. I’d climbed the two flights of stairs to find some missing cookware, only to get completely sidetracked by storage bins of old baby books and keepsakes packed up in boxes.

It’s easy to lose track of all the great memorabilia we collect in our lives – and our kids’ lives – when it’s stowed away and out of sight. You’ve tried to stay on top of managing the paper trails: one child’s school treasures in red plastic bins and the other child’s in grey – all labelled by the year and grade. But seeing all of their fantastic artwork, awards, tickets to school dances and other memories made you think you need to revisit the boxes more often and make better use of their contents.

Here’s a super easy way to organize your unique treasures of the past, or prepare for the trinkets and mementos that are coming your way. Because, let’s face it, they’re coming.

A Trip down Memory Lane: Make Your Own Memory Box

Wooden shadow box (find them at your local craft store)
Acrylic paint and brush
Spray adhesive
Sticker letters of your choice (like the glitter variety)
Craft paper to fit the back of the box
Stickers, photos or other embellishments (seashells, concert tickets, library cards)
Coordinating patterned paper or cards (optional)
Straight pins for the bottom board if you plan to hang it on the wall


  1. Paint the shadow box the colour of your choice and let it dry for at least an hour
  2. Cut the craft paper to line the bottom of the box and fit well. Spray it to the bottom of the box
  3. Add cards or other stickers to the bottom of the box as you see fit
  4. If you have tickets, seashells or other items to include, add them in
  5. Pin papers, cards or other treasures to the bottom board

Make the Box Your Own

This doesn’t have to be just for the kids. Spell out your husband’s name in sticker letters across the top, or add a sticker that says “Rome” right on top of the glass. Drop in rocks from that hike in the Adirondacks or shells from your last beach vacation. Display concert tickets and sports memorabilia from the last five years of your marriage and give it as an anniversary gift.

You can even use these memory holders for bridal and baby showers to capture who attended the event. Have each person write something they love about the guest of honour, and she gets to take it home as her own new keepsake!


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