Terracotta Pot Wind Chime

Turn old clay pots into a decorative wind chime with our simple instructions.

Terracotta pots
Thick twine
Wooden beads
Flat, large bead or pendant
Craft supplies (depending on the decorative technique)

Picking Your Pots: Your pots can produce their chime by gently clapping into one another, but you’ll need to nest them — meaning each pot will need to be a size smaller than the one above it. If using pots of the same size, beads can be used to create chiming.

Tip: On stormy days, we recommend bringing your chime inside.

First, Decorate Your Pots
Before stringing your pots together, personalize them with your favourite finish:

  • Paint: With all paints, use multiple coats since terracotta is porous and draws in moisture. High gloss paints can be especially attractive since they gleam in the sunlight. While outdoor paints are preferred, nearly any paint will do if you follow up with a clear, waterproof topcoat.
  • Decoupage: Magazines, newspapers, sheet music, photos or scrapbook paper can all be mixed and matched for a one-of-a-kind look. Simply brush over each piece with decoupage paste, and let it dry to seal. If your paste doesn’t indicate that it’s waterproof, we recommend applying a few coats of clear, waterproof topcoat.


  1. Cut a piece of twine to about a yard and a half in length
  2. Tie the large, flat bead or pendant (the sail) to the end of the twine. Its size and shape will help catch the wind, causing your pots or beads to chime against one another

  3. Tie on a wooden bead about 7 1/2 centimetres (3 inches) above the sail that will chime against the bottom-most pot
  4. About 5-to- 7 1/2-centimetres (2-to 4-inches) above this bead, tie on another bead to support the pot
  5. String on your pot through the hole in its base
  6. If working with pots of the same size, include the bead mentioned in step 3 for each additional pot. If your pots increase in size and are nested, you can count on them to clap into one another, making only the support bead in step 4 necessary for each pot. Just make sure it’s positioned so the pots will overlap
  7. To complete the process of stringing your pots, repeat the directions in step 3 and 4, omitting step 3 if your pots are nested

  8. Once all pots have been strung, create a loop with the excess twine so your chime is ready to hang outdoors



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