Staying Warm Never Looked So Fun: Crafting Animal Earmuffs

Make-your-own animal earmuffs? “Yes” is the only answer.

Winter is waning … but it is indeed still winter, and you never know when that “last” snow day may crop up!

Either way, here’s a way to switch up your day with a fun winter pick-me-up!

Favourite Animal Earmuffs

Yes, we said “animals” and “earmuffs.” Together.

Let’s get our crafting on and do something different. We’re creating animals in fun, surprising colours. Make earmuffs for your friends or family – or for the next time the cold is too much and you need a little something lighthearted in your life.

Printable animal designs
Glue gun
Glue (or fabric glue)
Straight pins (optional)


  1. Print the animal designs that you plan to use
  2. Cut out the designs (they can be rough cuts)
  3. Place the paper cutouts on top of the collared felt. You can pin them together or hold them in place with help. Cut out the felt shapes with care
  4. Try out the felt pieces on your earmuffs to test the placement, and glue the felt pieces in place with the hot glue gun or fabric glue
  5. Cut off any rough edges of fabric or excess glue

Tip: Remove the earmuff cover to more easily shape and create your animal. Just be sure to put the earmuff cover back on the earmuff before gluing the parts in the right place.


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