4 Pretty Place Settings for Your Thanksgiving Gathering

From rustic to modern to traditional, we have a look that’s just right for your Thanksgiving table.

As you prepare to entertain family and friends this Thanksgiving season, turn an imaginative eye to your table décor. Here are our best tips for creating Thanksgiving centerpieces that fit your personal style.

How to Create Show-Stopping Fall Place Settings

Go Bold with Colour?
Celebrate the colours of the season with a rich palette of fall hues. Use pumpkin orange, eggplant purple or cranberry red. Choose just one, or mix and match to your liking.

Tip: Use the food you’re planning to serve as colour inspiration. Offset the rich colour of string beans with emerald green napkins, or complement cranberry sauce with bright red chargers.

Add a Rustic Accent?
Your table will feel warm and inviting with natural textures. Bring a hint of the outdoors to the table with pinecones, dried leaves or a few acorns collected from the yard. For a simple complementary centerpiece, line several Febreze candles in a fall scent in the center of the table, and intersperse with vases or bowls filled with natural elements. The warm glow of the candlelight and the scent of Fresh Fall Pumpkin or Fresh Pressed Apple will enhance the rustic feel you’re trying to achieve.

Strike a Balance?
Whether you prefer traditional decorations or a more modern aesthetic, express your unique style with the place settings you make. For a well-rounded place setting, add a touch of modern to a classic look and vice versa.

Layering is another important element of an eye-pleasing place setting. Stack dishes of different shapes and colours, and notice how different combinations can change the entire effect.

4 Place Setting Ideas for Fall??

1. Contemporary?
Getting playful with shapes creates a sense of depth. Offset square plates and geometric flatware with round place mats and drinking glasses.

2. Rustic?
Warm and welcoming – these are the qualities you’re looking for in a rustic place setting. Mix and match plates of different colours, sizes and textures, but make sure they share a similar shape. Surround them with leaves in different colours and shapes, berry sprigs and dried fruits.

3. Traditional?
Make your usual holiday china feel new again by mixing it with other dishes. Use a classic palette of ivory, bright white, cranberry and mocha. Add a small berry sprig and exotic, oversized potpourri for lots of texture and rich colour.

4. Kid Friendly
Start by lining the kids’ table with craft paper, and then have the kids draw place setting shapes in marker. Go bold with the tableware – bright orange or red adds a fun pop of colour on a neutral background. As a final touch, attach a collared pencil to each holiday place card to keep tiny hands busy throughout the meal. (Just keep a roll of Bounty paper towels or a stack of Bounty napkins nearby in case – or when – things get messy at the kids’ table.)

What’s your favourite way to decorate for the Thanksgiving season? Share with the community in the comments section below!



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