Last-minute Gifts (that Don’t Look Last Minute)

Choose from these last-minute gift ideas the next time you’re in a pinch!

We’ve all been in a situation where we need a gift – and we need it fast! Here are 4 last-minute gift ideas you can pull off, and they will look like you’ve been planning them for months.


What can you do with old teacups and candle wax? Create a handmade, vintage-inspired teacup candle that will brighten your friend or family member’s holiday. With just a few materials, you’ll create a gift with a hint of old fashioned fancy. If your gift recipient loves scented candles and you have the time, choose candle wax that’s scented to her liking.


Versatile tools for the kitchen are always a welcome addition for anyone who loves to cook or just wants to better organize their kitchen. Give these tools, along with a few delicious recipes, and let their culinary adventures begin!

Gift Idea: Multi-use Pitcher
Find a colorful, open-topped pitcher that also can be used to hold cooking utensils. Put a large stirring spoon inside and tie a recipe for your favorite chilled drink around the pitcher with a ribbon.

Pitchers are perfect for refreshing drinks, of course, but consider gifting our recipe for homemade vegetable broth instead.


What’s a quintessential holiday gift that you can pull together in a jiffy? Make cookies in a jar to give to friends and family members as gifts this holiday season.

Assembling the Jars

Wash and dry the Mason jar and lid.

Mix the dry ingredients (flour, baking soda and salt) in a small bowl. Carefully pour the mixture into the Mason jar using a canning funnel or a rolled piece of wax paper. Lightly tamp each ingredient to help make sure all the ingredients fit in the jar.

Layer the remaining ingredients (then tamp) one at a time. If needed, gently tap the jar on a hard surface to further settle the ingredients. Seal the jar by adding the lid.

Decorate your jars with hand-written notes, tags or ribbons.

Be sure to include the instructions for baking the cookies with your jars.


What could be a cuter gift than tiny mice in tin houses? Using embroidery floss and a needle, quickly stitch the mice (using the templates here) out of felt. Create pillows and blankets for the mice, and lay them comfortably in their tin homes (candy tin). Your audience will swoon over this mouse in a tiny house!


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