5 Kid-friendly Valentine’s Day Crafts

Try making one of these 5 kid-friendly crafts with your children for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! Whether you’ve volunteered to help out with a classroom party or need something to curb cabin fever, we have 5 fun crafts you can make together to celebrate the day of love.


Cutesy Card Holders

Loving Heart

1. Retain an empty family box of Puffs tissues, ensuring the flap stays attached
2. Paint the inside red
3. Cut the top of the flap to resemble a heart
4. Secure the flap in an upright position with tape

Cupid’s Unicorn

1. Retain an empty cube box of Puffs tissues. Remove the clear plastic at the top
2. Paint the outside white
3. Trim/shape a curly bow for the mane
4. Create a horn out of scrapbooking paper and tape
5. Affix the bow and horn to the box with glue or tape
6. Create eyes and ears out of coloured paper. Attach to the box
7. For the snout, cut a half-circle out of paper and paint it purple. Then, cut a white rectangle out of paper, matching the diameter of the circle. Attach these two and add nostrils
8. Put the snout in the hole in the box. Glue in place


Perk up your windows and create colourful sunbeams with wax paper crayon hearts.


30.5-by-40.5-centimetre sheet of wax paper
Handheld pencil or crayon sharpener
Kraft paper


1. Fold the wax paper in half, lengthwise
2. Use the pencil or crayon sharpener to create shavings. Spread them evenly over one half of the paper
3. Fold the other half of the paper over the shavings. Tuck in the three open sides with a 1.25-centimetre fold
4. Sandwich the wax paper between two pieces of kraft paper in order to protect your iron and your ironing surface
5. Iron lightly on medium heat, checking after every few passes and stopping when all of the shavings have melted; let cool
6. Trace and cut hearts out of the wax paper
7. Hang with thread!


Homemade Candy Hearts

Conversation hearts are even sweeter when you get to personalize them! See how to make these Valentine’s Day classics right in your own kitchen.


3D Heart Garland

Love is multidimensional, as is this wonderfully easy garland. Make it out of kraft paper or fabric with our free template and step-by-step instructions.


DIY Heart Stamps

Stamp your love on their heart with this simple craft. Just:

1. Crease a Bounty paper towel tube in two places to form a heart shape
2. Secure it with washi tape (this will help it hold its shape)
3. Cut it in half to make two separate stamps
4.Squirt paint on a disposable plate and let them stamp away!

Note: The quality of the hearts gets better the more you stamp and let the paint soak in.


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