DIY Weekly Menu Planner

Create a functional weekly menu planner to stay organized when it comes to mealtime.

Weekly Menu Planner
Monday through Sunday, we’ll help you organize and plan your dinners with an easy-to-make menu planner for your fridge or bulletin board. To make cooking simple, assemble your planner, and switch it up each week to keep the entire household looking forward to the next seven days of delicious meals.

Making Your Weekly Menu Planner

Step 1:
Find stationary or decorative cardstock at your local craft store that matches your design style. Write or print a different meal on each of the pages. Cut out a square (or unique shape using a cookie cutter) around each of the meals.

Step 2:
Once you’ve cut out the shapes from the printed pages, decide whether you’ll display your menu planner magnetically or on a corkboard. A magnetic approach will allow you to display your organizer on your refrigerator or a magnetic bulletin board, while a corkboard will allow you to pin each element to the board.

  • Magnetic: To make the shapes magnetic, apply a coat of glue to the back of the designs before adhering them to magnetic sheeting (available at craft and office supply stores). Let the glue dry, then cut out each shape. To make your dinner option backgrounds double-sided, glue a decorative background to the opposite side of the magnet as well.
  • Corkboard: While it’s simple to pin the cutout shapes to your corkboard, consider using cardstock stationary to make them more durable.

Step 3:
Once you’ve created your menu planning components, arrange them on your surface. Organize the days into rows or columns, placing each panel with the corresponding evening’s meal either below or next to the day of the week.

Manage Your Menu

  • Organize Your Meal Options:As you build your collection of recipe options, keep it organized by placing the panels in an envelope, bowl, plastic storage container or recipe organizer. If using bowls, use one bowl to house dinner options, another for restaurant options and a third for coupons.

  • Organize Your Recipes: Consider making your menu planner an all-in-one dinner prep destination by posting each evening’s recipe next to the meal.
  • Get Family Involved: Once a week, invite your family to go through the collection of meal options and pick out their favourites. By taking these suggestions into account, you’ll create a weekly menu with something delicious for each member of the family.

Every family has their staple dinners, but you can find lots of new recipes in the food and recipes section of our site. What are your family’s must-have meals? Share your family favourites by leaving a comment below!



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