DIY Time Capsule

Capture your memories and create timeless gifts with our DIY time capsules and themes.

Capture special events and memories with your own time capsule. This DIY craft is easy to make — at a party or on your own — for a thoughtful gift or a treasured keepsake. Start with our easy instructions and then take your time capsule to another level with one of our theme ideas.

1. Pick a Container
If you’ll be burying your time capsule in the dirt, opt for something sturdy and re-sealable, like a mason jar, coffee can or a soda bottle. For indoor hiding, repurpose shipping, packaging or tissue boxes, or paper towel and toilet paper rolls as capsules.

2. Fill it with Memories
The only limit to time capsule relics is the size of your container. Beyond that, anything goes — newspaper clippings, photographs, ticket stubs, notes and vacation souvenirs are only the beginning.

3. Hide or Display
Bury your time capsule in the garden or yard, or hide it in a closet, under a bed or in the attic or basement. You can also show off your time capsule by putting it in a jar or wallpaper-covered coffee can and setting it on a mantel, desk or nightstand, so your heart-melting memories are always just a glance away.

DIY Time Capsule Themes
Theme your time capsule around milestones like graduations, weddings, new babies, holidays, vacations and other momentous occasions. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. The Year You Were Born
As a baby’s first gift, fill a time capsule with memories from that year, like newspaper clippings, wrappers from food Mom craved and pictures of family and friends.

Tip: Create a 365-day capsule to remember your baby’s first year. Put the little one’s first shoes, toys, photos and more inside the capsule.

2. Timeless Travels
Remember family vacations or adventures abroad for years to come by making a time capsule for each trip. Put photographs and souvenirs inside — think seashells, sea glass, key chains, maps, plane tickets and postcards.

3. Fountain of Youth
Freeze the carefree memories of your youth by making a capsule for each school year. Fill each capsule with sports or academic awards, ribbons and medals, artwork, valentines, school dance tickets and more.

4. Another Year Wiser
On your or a loved one’s birthday, start a time capsule to fill with relics over the upcoming year. Rather than hiding it, go through it at your next birthday and smile at how far you’ve come.

Tip: Write a list of your favourite songs, movies, actors, books, restaurants and the like from that year, too, to see how your tastes — and times — have changed.

5. Love Story
From your first date to your wedding day and beyond, let a time capsule tell your love story. Tuck inside movie stubs and menus, love notes, your wedding invitation and reminders of inside jokes.

What will go inside your time capsule? Tell us in the comments section below!


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