DIY New Year’s Eve Party Poppers

Repurpose bath tissue or paper towel rolls into easy homemade party poppers.

By: Liz Elliott

After the holiday season has come and gone, it’s time to celebrate the new year. It’s a fantastic time to take a step back, slow down and renew the connection to your family. Craft these party poppers to add some personalized flair to any party and kick the new year off right.

Confetti Party Poppers
Upcycle old craft supplies and add a little oomph to any party with our simple instructions:

Cardboard paper towel or bath tissue roll
Baking cups
Tissue paper

*Tip: Make your own confetti by hole-punching leftover wrapping paper!


  1. Cut a paper towel or bath tissue roll into smaller cylinders (each should be around 7.5 centimetres (3 inches) long, and you will place two of these together for an easy-to-pop popper)
  2. Tape a baking cup to the bottom of each tube and stuff each tube with confetti — if you have extra foil baking cups, cut them up for sparkly confetti
  3. Roll the two cardboard tubes up together in tissue paper, make sure the open ends are facing each other, and then tie them off with ribbon

New Year’s Eve Confetti Cones
These confetti cones are perfect table decorations, and they turn into functional confetti explosions for when the clock strikes midnight.

Thick craft, construction or scrapbook paper
Double stick tape
Confetti or other filler


  1. Cut the paper into 15 centimetre (6-inch) squares
  2. Fold in one corner about 2.5 centimetre (1 inch) deep (this will help the cone have a perfect point at the bottom)
  3. Join two corners (the folded corner and the one opposite to it) in and tape in place
  4. Fill with confetti, popcorn or any other fun celebration supplies

Share your own project thoughts in the comments below and have a wonderful and safe new year!

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