DIY Motivation Board Ideas

Keep goals at the front of your mind by creating a simple, decorative motivation board.

By: Liz Elliott

Motivation boards are the perfect way to keep goals and inspiration in mind. Here are two projects: one just for you, and one involving the whole family.

Weekly Goal Board
This project helps you set daily goals and take them with you ­­­­— keeping you motivated throughout the day.

  1. Pick a place in your home to set up a motivation board — this will be your “home base”
  2. Hang a bulletin board, magnetic whiteboard or even a poster board
  3. Draw a grid with seven boxes to represent the days of the week
  4. Write out your seven goals for the week, each one on a different piece of small paper, and affix them to a day on the board
  5. Each day, take your daily goal with you as a reminder — in the car and to work

Use These Simple Goals as Inspiration:
Work hard
Drink 8 glasses of water
Practice moderation
Treat yourself
Take breaks
Eat vegetables
Do one good deed

Personalize your motivational boards with inspirational quotes and photos that represent your goals well.

Tip: Move the next day’s daily goal to the bathroom mirror so when you brush your teeth in the morning, you’ll see it first thing. Another helpful way to stay motivated is to take the goal with you in the car so you’re reminded of it after work.

“Days Until” Board
Use as a vacation countdown to motivate the whole family, and get creative with it.

Dark chalkboard paint
Wooden board
White chalk paint for lettering


  1. Cover the board completely with the dark chalkboard paint and let it dry
  2. With the pencil, lightly write the words “days until” in the centre of the board, leaving some space to the left and right
  3. Paint the pencilled in “days until” with white chalk paint and allow to dry
  4. Use the chalk to fill in your countdown and keep it up to date everyday

Example: For a Florida vacation that is three weeks away, you would write “21” days until “Florida” on your sign with chalk. Every day, you erase the number and write the new one.

Use this same board for fitness motivation or family events. Here are some more examples:
__ days until goal weight
__ days until 5k race
__ days until graduation
__ days until ___’s birthday party

Share your ideas for how to stay motivated with the community in a comment below!

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