DIY Jewellery Box

Craft a jewellery box out of cardboard tubes and other household materials.

DIY Jewellery Tray
Displaying jewellery adds a pretty focal point to a dressing table with the added bonus of inspiring you to accessorize each day. Create a DIY jewellery organizer with recycled materials, and when you're done, create a handmade piece of jewellery to display in it.

Acrylic paint
Recycled box, about 5 centimetres (2-inches) deep*
Cardboard tubes**
Craft glue

*Tip: Use a shallow box or tin like a pencil box, gift tin, candy box, basket or milk carton.

**Tip: Save cardboard tubes from bath tissue or paper towel rolls for this project.

Tip: For a different look, cover the cardboard tubes with fabric, wallpaper scraps or an old T-shirt.


  1. If desired, paint the box to match the fabric you are using, and allow to dry
  2. Cover the inside of box with felt, gluing to secure. Trim excess
  3. Glue felt around the cardboard tubes, then attach them to the inside of the box with glue
  4. Display jewellery by nestling the piece between the covered tubes

Upscale Jewellery Organizer: Find a velvet garment at a thrift store and use the material to cover the organizer instead of felt. A skirt or dress with a large amount of flat fabric is ideal.

Shabby Chic Jewellery Organizer: This romantic jewellery organizer is a perfect home for handmade flower accessories. Use a shallow rectangular basket for the base of the organizer and spray paint it white. When dry, lightly sand it to distress the paint finish. Use satin fabric in a muted colour, or a floral wallpaper sample to cover the cardboard tubes. Add lace trim to the top of each cardboard tube and around the basket edge, then embellish with lace or faux roses.


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