DIY Holiday Placeholders

Add a little something special to your dining décor this holiday season.

The magic of the holidays is obvious in the big things, of course, but it’s the little things that can make a difference each year in bringing that magic to life.

When it comes to getting into the details of the season, here are some simple ways to spruce up your festive dining décor. You’ll make your guests feel extra special with an easy added touch. 


Fast, easy and even edible, these quick placeholders are ideal for a large guest count.

Holiday ribbon 
Candy canes * (three per guest) 
Place cards with names

1. Cut a 4- to 5-inch piece of your favourite holiday ribbon, set aside
2. Take three candy canes of equal size and hold the long ends together
3. Have the curved or hooked part of the candy canes face outward so they can stand on a flat surface
4. Tie the three candy canes together with the holiday ribbon
5. Lean the place card on the hooks of the candy canes and you’re done

*Tip: Colour-coordinate the candy canes or ribbons with your décor or mix the flavour of the candy canes for each placeholder.


You can never go wrong by giving a surprise holiday-themed favour over dinner. Leave an ornament at each place setting, and let guests take them home as fun, useful party favours!

Coloured or clear ornaments (one per guest)
Place cards with names
Hole punch
Holiday ribbon

1. Decorate your ornaments or colour coordinate pre-decorated bulbs*
2. Place one at each place setting
3. Use a hole punch at the top and centre of each place card and thread your piece of
ribbon through the hole
4. Thread the ribbon (attached to the place holder) through the hook or “eye” of the ornament and tie

*Tip: Create festive patterns and designs on clear, glass ornament balls with glass paint or oil-based markers. (This is a fun activity for the kids, too.)


This placeholder idea is another great take-home gift for guests – but this one has sweet treats inside. It’s easy to customize the holiday candy to coordinate with your table décor.

Jars (one per guest)
Chalkboard paint
Assorted candies

1. Thoroughly clean and dry your set of jars
2. Using a paintbrush and chalkboard paint, create a rectangle, circle or other favourite shape on the front of each jar and allow to dry completely
3. Cover the chalkboard surfaces in chalk and then dust off (this makes it possible for the chalk to stick)
4. Write the name of a guest on each jar and fill it with holiday candy


Pining for something or someone special this holiday season? Call out each special guest with a rustic placeholder to add a natural look and feel to your table décor.

Pine cones
Gold spray paint
Simple card

1. Spray paint each pine cone gold and let dry
2. Write the name of each guest on the cards
3. Place a pine cone at each place setting, with the card placed in the top of the pine cone pins


Bounty, the long lasting picker upper. The quicker picker upper is 2x more absorbent, so you can handle any holiday mess that comes your way. *

Add this super, it can be small and at the bottom:
*vs. the leading ordinary brand 11” x 8.8”


Bring out the cinnamon sticks and boxwood branches! This rustic décor works any time, fall or winter, and keeps the mood cozy and warm.

2 boxwood branches for each guest
Cinnamon sticks
Small tag
Hole punch

1. Bundle together at least 2 boxwood branches, a cinnamon stick and tie with twine
2. Write each guest’s name on the tags
3. Thread the hole-punched tag through the twine


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