Deck the Halls: 7 Holiday Décor Ideas

From unique ornaments to stockings, find 7 ways to mix up your holiday décor this year.

The weeks leading up to a holiday can be as fun as the big day itself, with decorating, crafts, party planning and anticipation. We’ll admit: There’s a lot of glitter here. But it’s to help you pick and choose what glittery endeavours are right for you! So come on, shake up your décor this year … 


For the Coffee Lover?
Slide a piece of burlap ribbon inside the ball, add coffee beans, and you have a rustic look.

For the Music Lover?
Print out the bars to her favourite songs and cut them into strips. Coil the strips around your finger before sliding them into the ball, and top with a bow in her favourite colour.

For the Nature Lover
Fill the ball with leaves, petals and feathers to satisfy the naturalist you know.

For the Traveller?
Print or cut out a picture of a gorgeous landscape, then cut into strips. Cardstock paper works well. Layer them in order from bottom to top. Curl slivers of a road map and use as filler behind the landscape.


Looking for finishing touches for your holiday home? Draw your inspiration from these festive, winter window ideas.

Glittery Stars and Snowflakes?
Draw stars on a piece of paper and place under wax paper. Trace and fill in the stars with white school glue. While the glue is still wet, place the end of a piece of string at the tip of each snowflake. Sprinkle them with glitter and let them dry overnight. After they dry, hang the sparkly decorations in your windows.

Snowflake Garland?
Cut out several paper snowflakes (white cardstock works great and is less flimsy). Coat them lightly with glue and sprinkle them with glitter. After the snowflakes have dried, use ribbon, twine or fishing line to turn them into a pretty garland. This holiday window decoration is a great activity to do with kids!


When you pull out your stash of decorations, freshen them up with a simple project that will take your ornaments from blending in on your tree to shining on your front door.

The Basics
A wreath base: can be a foam ring, an artificial pine needle wreath or a basic stick wreath

Ornaments: varied size spheres work the best, or use figure ornaments, like little snowmen, ice skates and reindeer.


1. Select a handful of ball ornaments and hot glue them into the inside of the foam wreath. If using a box wire, stick or pine needle wreath, tie each one on with an ornament hanger.
2. Be sure the hook end faces the back of the wreath.
For wreaths using glue, adhere the next set of ornaments to the outside of the ring.
3. Hang it!


Lightbulb ornaments bring a handmade touch to your holiday décor and also make very cute hostess gifts.

Snowman Ornament

Regular indoor opaque lightbulb
Adhesive spray
Dry stick from outside
10-inch piece of ribbon or string
Hot glue gun
Black and orange craft paint

1. Start with an opaque bulb or paint the clear glass white until covered (this could take more than one coat).
2. Once dry, spray with adhesive and cover with glitter.
3. Break the stick into two pieces just the right size for your snowman’s arms, and hot glue on either side of the bulb (metal side pointing up!).
4. Next, make a loop from your ribbon and hot glue to the top.
5. Using the point of a toothpick, paint dots for the eyes, mouth, buttons and carrot nose.


Use the same stockings year after year like most of us? Check out six ways to give what’s old a new pick-me-up this season.

Six Stocking Decoration Ideas
1. Add small bells or buttons to store-bought, knit stockings.
2. Cut old quilts into large stocking shapes, then stitch around the edges to close.
3. Personalize stockings with various colours of felt. Trace letters or holiday shapes, cut them out and attach.
4. Stitch a miniature train set across a boy’s stocking or add a felt tree strewn with a tiny string of lights.
5. Make your own beads, pine cones, flowers and acorns from felt, and then attach with glue or twine.
6. Repurpose an old sweater! Use the ribbed wrists of the sleeves as the top of the stocking and close the bottom.


Febreze Jolly Pine scented candle or spray is a great “in a pinch” gift this year. For your next hostess or an add-on guest, they’re just the right size and scent last minute success.


Create this easy holiday tree and display around your home – or give as a gift!

Kitchen funnels
Small Styrofoam balls
Glue gun
Ribbon of your choice (burlap and cotton work nicely)
Beads, stars, bells, twine (optional)

1. Stack three kitchen funnels to create the tree. Stabilize your tree by pushing a small ball over the tip of the funnel. This cushions the stack.
2. Starting at the base of the lowest funnel, glue the ribbon around, layering the ribbon as you move up the tree.
3. Add a miniature star to the top of the tree, or decorate with beads, twine or bells.

Tip: Cardboard or foam forms work as substitutes for the plastic kitchen funnels.


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