Create an Easy Halloween Costume Your Kids Will Love

Use your creativity and crafting skills to whip up a DIY Halloween costume for your little one.

No need to spend a fortune on a store-bought Halloween costume – put your creative skills to good use with our guide to four adorable, easy-to-make DIY costumes that don’t require sewing. Your little one will be the talk of the trick-or-treating block!


Little Duckling
white baseball cap, yellow sweatshirt and leggings, yellow rubber dishwashing gloves, elastic, yellow feather boa, orange acrylic paint, scissors

This Halloween costume couldn’t be simpler to make. First, paint a beak onto the baseball cap with orange acrylic paint. Then cut the wrist portion off each rubber dishwashing glove. Carefully cut a small hole on either side of the glove, near the cut, and fasten elastic through the holes so they’ll fit snugly around your child’s ankles. Finish off the look with the feather boa.



Materials: two gray sweatshirts, one pair gray sweatpants, white felt, cardboard, fabric glue or needle and thread/sewing machine, scissors

Cut a fin shape from cardboard. Cut two slightly larger fin shapes from the back of a sweatshirt. With right sides facing, sew around the fabric fin shapes using a 6.35 mm seam, leaving the bottom of the fin open. Turn fin right side out and insert the cardboard. Glue or hand-sew the base of the fin to the back of the other sweatshirt.

Measure around the hood of the sweatshirt. Cut a strip the length of this measurement, 5 cm wide. Cut teeth shapes out of one lengthwise side. Then glue or sew this strip to the inside of the hood. If desired, cut an oval of white felt and glue to the front of the sweatshirt.



Mermaid of the Deep
Blue or green leggings, tank top in complementary color, mini foil cupcake tins in bright colors, tulle, seashells, glitter or sequins, headband, hot glue

Your little one will be the queen of the sea with this creative Halloween costume. Flatten mini foil cupcake tins, and fold them in half. Glue them in clusters to the leggings. Attach pieces of tulle at the ankles, creating a fan or tail shape. To make a mermaid tiara, hot glue seashells to a headband. Decorate the headband using glitter, sequins and glue.



Tidy Up
Tidy up your crafting area in a flash with Swiffer and Bounty. Use a Swiffer Sweeper to clean up the floor, and dampen a Bounty paper towel to wipe up any stray dribbles of glue or paint.



Berry Nice
red T-shirt a few sizes larger than your child, green leggings, white puffy paint, green felt, green pipe cleaners, fabric glue, hot glue, headband, elastic (optional), scissors

Choose a red T-shirt long enough to be worn as a dress. Dot it all over with white puffy paint “seeds.” While it’s drying, cut leaf shapes and glue them around the collar of the shirt. To make the fascinator, cut a circle of felt about 7.5 cm in diameter. Layer and glue more leaf shapes on top. Twist three or four pipe cleaners around a dowel rod or pencil, and hot glue them in the center of the fascinator. Glue the felt base to a headband.

You can also sew elastic around the base of the T-shirt to gather it, and then puff up the shirt into a strawberry shape using wadded-up plastic bags.



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