10 Creative Uses for Cookie Cutters

Learn how to use cookie cutters for arts and crafts projects.

By: Adam Easterling

How many of us have that kitchen drawer filled with cookie cutters? You know, that assorted set of cutouts that seemed like such a good idea to buy when we saw them at the store. Sure, they're great when you want to make cute and creative cookies, but how often does that happen? The holidays? The rest of the time they just take up space in that drawer, or on a shelf next to the rest of the culinary curiosities we forget are even in the kitchen.

But what if they weren't just for cookies? Surely we can't be held to the literal interpretation of these magnificent tools! Let's think outside the box (and drawer, and even the kitchen entirely!) to find some year-round uses for your cookie cutters.

1. Fruit Salad. Creating fun star and heart shapes for your fruit pieces in a salad is a creative way to spruce up any dinner or picnic. This works especially well with watermelon!

2. Ornaments. Just roll out some polymer clay on a piece of parchment paper and cut away! Decorate and design however you want (just remember to make a hole for hanging string), and then pop them in the oven at 140 C (275 F) for 20 minutes. Let them dry and hang 'em high!

3. Perfect Eggs Every Time. Use round metal cookie cutters to act as forms for flawless fried eggs. Simply place the cookie cutter in the pan and crack your egg into the mould. The edges will hold the egg white in place while it cooks.

Tip : For a fun spin on use number 3, fry eggs like you normally would and use a cookie cutter to cut them into cute shapes for kids!

4. Napkin Ring. Holiday cookie cutters make for a nice napkin ring for the season! Or use a star mould all year for any dinner occasion!

5. Candles. Heart shaped candles for Valentine's Day? Star candles at night? It's easy with cookie cutters! Melt soy wax or beeswax in your mould (placed on foil, with a tabbed wick in the middle of the mould), and let cool for an hour or two.

6. Cake Decoration. To stencil designs on frosted or unfrosted cakes, place cookie cutters on top and fill with powdered sugar, cocoa powder or colourful sprinkles.

7. Ice Pops. Fun-shaped, tiny frozen pops for the kids make a tasty treat.

8. Jack O' Lantern. Just tap the cookie cutter into the pumpkin with a coated mallet to make cool and scary shapes.

9. Cream Cubes. Add flavour to your cocoa or coffee! Freeze a sheet of whipped cream, then cut the cubes!

10. Berry-Chocolate Tart. Fancy up that dessert! Dip your cutters in oil and place on parchment paper. Spoon melted dark or milk chocolate into moulds, then place raspberries (upside down) and blueberries in as well. Let your moulds refrigerate for 30 minutes, then slide off the cutters and enjoy!

How do you use cookie cutters? Share your creative ideas in the comments section below!



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