Cabinet Door Message Station

Transform a cabinet door into the perfect message station for your home.

By: Grace Mitchell

A central home organizer is a simple way to help your family work together as a team. Making one is as easy as finding a cabinet door, a few supplies and about 15 minutes in your busy day.

Tip: Many home surplus stores have cabinet doors for sale at great prices. Go shop, explore, choose your preferred size/style and get crafting!

Cabinet door
Fine-grit sandpaper
Paper towels
Chalkboard paint
Hanging hardware


  1. Lightly sand the front of the door
  2. Wipe it down completely with a wet paper towel and let dry
  3. Paint the top half of your door with chalkboard paint
  4. While the chalkboard paint is drying, cut the corkboard to size to fit the bottom half of the cabinet door
  5. Glue corkboard to door’s surface
  6. Attach the hanging hardware to the back of the cabinet door
  7. Add small hooks to the bottom part of the cabinet frame for keys and trinkets

Tip: Use a chalk pen (more permanent than chalk but will still wipe away with a wet cloth) to write family members’ names, schedules or menus at the top of the door.

Nine More Uses for Cabinet Doors
Cabinet doors don’t have to be just a message station!

  1. Line the door with corkboard and cover it with burlap to make a jewellery organizer
  2. Frame a large photo or a collage of photos in the inset of a cabinet doorframe
  3. Add drawer pulls to either side of a painted or stained cabinet door to create a tray
  4. Paint the entire door with chalkboard paint and use it as a grocery list in the kitchen
  5. Add hooks to the door and paint it as desired (or not at all) and use it as a coat hanger
  6. Paint a game board on the front of the door for chess or checkers
  7. Take seven doors painted with chalkboard paint and hang them in a row (Label each one with a day of the week, and use them as a weekly calendar)
  8. Glue clothespins to the door and clip reminders or important notes on it
  9. Affix old postcards or flashcards to your door for a personal art piece

Grace is passionate about home décor and smart DIY projects, as evidenced on her blog, A Storied Style. Being organized is the key to her calm as she and her husband raise their four children, ages 5 years and under.



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