Watermelon Drink Dispenser

Watermelon Drink Dispenser

Add a refreshing touch to your next outdoor party with this fun drink dispenser.

By: Debra Steilen 

DIY Watermelon Drink Dispenser
Create a fun family-style drink dispenser with a watermelon and a tap. Then, use the leftover fruit to make wholesome snacks.

1 large watermelon
Paper towels
Sharp chef’s knife
Cutting board
Large spoon or ice cream scoop
Apple corer
Power drill and paring knife (optional)
Tap kit (includes a shank and faucet — available at many hardware stores)
Waterproof plate


  1. Wash the watermelon and wipe it dry with paper towels. Using a sharp knife and cutting board, cut approximately 1 1/2 centimetres (1/2 inch) off the bottom to keep the watermelon standing straight. Cut off the top of the watermelon, about 2 centimetres (3/4 of an inch)


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  1. Using a large spoon or ice cream scoop, hollow out the watermelon. Reserve the fruit for use in your favourite summer recipe
  2. Using an apple corer, cut a circle through the rind about 6 1/2 centimetres (2 1/2 inches) above the bottom of the watermelon. (Choose the prettiest side for a party-worthy presentation.) Don’t have an apple corer? Drill a small hole, then use a small knife to widen the hole until it’s slightly smaller than the shank of the tap
  3. Insert the shank into the hole; tighten hardware inside the melon. Attach the faucet to the shank
  4. Place the watermelon keg on a clean, waterproof plate at the end of a table. Fill it with ice, then your favourite lemonade, punch or tropical drink recipe

Tip: Avoid beverages with pulp; they can clog the spout.

Tasty Summer Treats 
Not sure what to do with the leftover watermelon? Try these fresh, fruity ideas:

Assemble Fruit Kebabs: Thread watermelon chunks, fresh strawberries, grapes and pineapple chunks on bamboo skewers to create kebabs. This is a great way to get kids to eat more fruit!

Make a Spritzer: Puree watermelon pieces in a blender, and then mix the pureed fruit with lemonade or sparkling water. Serve over ice. 

Blend up a Smoothie: Cut watermelon into chunks and freeze. Mix in a blender with other fresh and frozen fruits — and a splash of juice — to create a tasty smoothie. 

Chill Summer Drinks: Freeze small chunks or balls of watermelon to use as ice cubes in your favourite summer beverages.

Do you have a clever way of using fruit as a display? Log in or register and share it in the comments below!

Debra is a Midwest-based expert on crafting, home design (especially kitchens, baths, and storage), and holidays. She spends her free time renovating and decorating her 1909 Craftsman home—and wrangling her two Golden Retrievers.

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I love watermelon so using the rind as a container is a great Summer idea. Thanks P&G.

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