Upcycled Thank You Cards

Upcycled Thank You Cards

Remake your holiday wrapping scraps into unique thank you cards.

Have leftover wrapping materials lying around after the holidays? Don’t get rid of them just yet. We’ve got some ideas to remake those scraps into thank you notes for you and your family.

You can literally put your mark on these cards – a unique style for each member of your family.

1. Ornament Thank You Cards

Decorate your thank you cards with ornaments made from punched paper circles and hand-drawn details.


Blank pre-made cards
Circle paper punches in a variety of sizes (scallop circle punches would also work)
Heavy wrapping paper (scrapbooking paper and greeting cards would also work)
Glue stick
Fine-tip permanent marker
Alphabet stamps
Stamp pad in the ink colour you desire
Label maker (optional)
Glitter marker in the colour you desire (optional)


  1. Punch circles of different sizes out of the wrapping paper. Depending on the size of your premade cards, you may want to punch out circles ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches in diameter
  2. Place the circles on the front of a premade card, rearranging them until you are satisfied with the layout
  3. Using the glue stick, attach the circles to the front of the card. Let dry
  4. Using a ruler and felt-tip pen, draw a straight line from the top of each circle to the top of the card ­– as if the circles are ornaments hanging from the tips of tree branches
  5. Using the alphabet stamps and ink pad, stamp your message on the front of the card. If you prefer, use a label maker to add your message

Sparkling Thank You Cards

Turn a holiday print shirt gift box into a stylishly sparkling way to say “thank you.”


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Shirt-style gift boxes in holiday prints (any gift box will do as long as it is made of thin cardboard)
Paper cutter or straightedge craft knife
8 1/2-by-11-inch paper in your desired colour
Double-sided tape
Bone folder or some other dull-edged hand tool
Ultra-fine glitter in the colour you desire
Small paintbrush with soft bristles
Clear acrylic sealer


  1. Disassemble the shirt box so it lays flat on a work surface. Cut an uncreased part of the shirt box into an 11-by-4-inch rectangle. Cut a sheet of paper (to go inside the card) into an 11-by-4-inch rectangle
  2. Matching corners, fold the 11-by-4-inch cardboard rectangle in half to make a 5 1/2-by-4-inch thank you card (making sure the printed design is on the outside).
  3. Unfold the cardboard rectangle, and place it plain side down on a piece of newspaper (to catch any excess glitter). Attach a piece of double-sided tape along the bottom edge of the front of the card. Press down to make sure the tape is firmly attached. Using tweezers, pull the backing from the tape
  4. Sprinkle glitter over the tape, then smooth the glitter with your finger to make sure it covers the exposed sticky surface. Shake off excess glitter
  5. Matching corners, fold the 11-by-4-inch piece of paper in half to make a 5 1/2-by-4-inch liner for the thank you card. Using a bone folder, press along the folded edge to make the crease look sharp and clean
  6. Attach a piece of double-sided tape along the fold line inside the cardboard thank-you card. Press down to make sure it’s firmly attached. Using tweezers, pull the backing from the tape. Attach an adhesive dot to each of the four inside corners of the thank you card
  7. Align the paper liner’s outside fold with the thank you card’s inside fold and press the liner where it covers the double-sided tape. Smoothing the liner from the fold out to the edges, press the liner where it covers each of the four adhesive dots
  8. Open the card to write your thank you message on the paper liner

3. Decoupaged Thank You Cards

Pull the kids in on this card idea for a fresh take on used wrapping paper.


Used wrapping paper
Blank pre-made cards
Decoupage medium
Small foam brush
Bone folder or some other dull-edged hand tool
Scissors or ruler and craft knife
Holiday-themed stickers


  1. Prepare the work surface by setting out newspaper pages to catch drips of decoupage medium
  2. Rip the wrapping paper into tiny pieces
  3. Flatten a premade card so that the exterior is on the top and the writing surface is underneath. Using a small foam brush, paint one half of the flattened card's exterior with decoupage medium. Before the decoupage medium dries, press the ripped pieces of wrapping paper into it until that half of the card is covered
  4. When pieces overlap, dab on a little more decoupage medium to make sure the wrapping paper stays flat. Let the finished design dry thoroughly
  5. Fold the dry decoupaged card in half. Flip the card over and press the fold on the side that is not decoupaged. Use a bone folder or dull-edged hand tool to help make sure the crease is sharp. Trim off any pieces of wrapping paper that extend over the edges of the card. A thank you message can be written on the inside of the card

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