The Great Designer Pumpkin

The Great Designer Pumpkin

Celebrate the Halloween season with these not-so-average pumpkin ideas.

Some people have a soft spot in their hearts for the traditional jack-o’-lantern, but sometimes a little change can give tradition a new life. Here are a few exciting suggestions for spicing up your Halloween décor this year.

The Ghost Pumpkin
The white “ghost” pumpkin is a beautiful gourd that puts a spooky yet elegant spin on Halloween décor. Ghost pumpkins, also known as Luminas or Caspers, have a naturally white outer skin (perfect for painting) but are a pale orange inside, allowing them to give off a lovely glow when carved.

The Jarrahdale
These pumpkins are eye-catching and unusual — a bluish-grey coloured pumpkin that originated in New Zealand. Jarrahdales are very deeply ribbed with a long storage life and an average weight of about 3 1/2 kilograms (8 pounds).

Baby Pumpkins
Small pumpkins come in a variety of shapes and colours like Baby Boos, a small ghostly white gourd. These cute little gourds can be used to make tiny lanterns or centrepieces for your dining room décor. They even create a modern seasonal look when arranged on a mantel or bookshelf.


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The Long Island “Cheese” Pumpkin
This pumpkin is shaped like a pale orange wheel of cheese. The Long Island Cheese is a medium-sized pumpkin and has exceptional longevity. Use the Long Island variety for display purposes and also for the sweet flesh that’s perfect for baking pumpkin pies that have a smooth, creamy texture.

Pumpkin Décor Tips
Use our quick décor tips to make your pumpkin stand out from all the rest this season:

Painted Pumpkins
Use stencils, monograms or graphite transfer paper to trace patterns or create distinctive designs. Fill in your designs using a fine-tipped paintbrush and choice of acrylic paint.

A Gentler Glow
Instead of a scary face, create a pretty pattern on a pumpkin to give it a lantern look. Cut small, simple shapes such as circles, diamonds or squares in a pattern on one side of the pumpkin, spaced out or in rows. If you’re not comfortable with freehand, use small metal cookie cutters and a hammer to lightly tap out shapes in the pumpkin.

Do you do anything unique with your pumpkins? Let us know in the comments section below!

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