Simple Tablescapes: Winter Holiday

Simple Tablescapes: Winter Holiday

Adorn your holiday table with our three simple holiday-inspired ideas.

By: Kelly Lanza

Perhaps you’re planning a family-filled holiday dinner or an intimate winter gathering with friends. No matter the reason to come together and feast this season, our three quick-and-easy ideas will add instant cheer to your holiday table.

1. Circular Placemats and Chargers
In place of (or in addition to) a traditional table runner, play with shapes. Circular placemats or chargers are beautiful anchors for tablescapes and echo the shapes of ornaments and snowballs, instantly bringing the winter mood to life! Choose one bold charger as a statement in the centre or scatter white placemats down a long rustic table, as if they were falling snow.

2. Tack Balls
Make simple tack balls by covering foam balls with flat thumbtacks and festive paint. Metallic colours beckon elegance, reds ring traditional, and whites and blues can create a winter wonderland. Display them in vases and glass vessels or even hang them from above.


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Tip: Instantly turn small tack balls into holiday ornaments by looping a ribbon around one tack. These make pretty favours for guests to take home at the end of the evening!

3. Natural Table Elements
Don’t look any further than the grocery store, or even your backyard, to finish off holiday decorating.

  • Pinecones are perfect winter décor and can be embellished with glitter or faux snow.
  • Stop by the grocery store for chestnuts, fresh cranberries and cinnamon sticks.
  • Gather several vases of different shapes and sizes and fill each with these various natural elements. Cluster them together or run them down the length of the table with tack balls hanging above.
  • Tie the vases with ribbon or tinsel to add one more festive detail!

Tip: Use flavours inspired by your tablescape in your holiday menu. Think cinnamon scones for a holiday brunch or hot beverages with seasonal spices to warm everyone up.

Kelly is the editor and founder of Studio DIY, a DIY party blog and resource. She is also a freelance blogger and party crafter for several local clients and national blogs. She's a sometime baker, always creator and an East Coast transplant living in Los Angeles.

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