Repurposed Magazine Ideas

Repurposed Magazine Ideas

Make glossy magazine pages into unique, clever and functional crafts.

By: Selena Cate

Find useful ways to reuse magazines instead of throwing them in the trashcan or recycling bin. Save them and create adorable beads, gift tags and more with our repurposing ideas.

Magazine Beads
Make beads and adorn necklaces, earrings or even a beaded curtain for a window or doorway.

Magazine page
Bamboo skewer
Decoupage glue


  1. Draw a triangle on magazine page. It should have a 2.5-centimetre (1-inch) base and be 20.5-centimetre (8 inches) tall. Repeat and cut them out.
  2. Tightly roll a triangle, starting with the base, around a wooden bamboo skewer.
  3. Place small bead of glue onto the inside tip of the triangle. Hold it in place until it’s dry.
  4. Coat the bead in decoupage glue to finish. Slip bead off the skewer and use as you would a bead.

Tip : Store colourful beads in a glass jars for a pretty decorative element.

Gift Tags
Reuse colourful magazine pages as quick and easy homemade gift tags.


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File folder (or other thick paper)
Spray adhesive
Hole puncher
Yarn or twine


  1. Using the ruler as a guide, draw a 5-centimetre-by-10-centimetre (2-inch-by-4-inch) rectangle on file folder. Cut out and set aside.
  2. Find page in magazine that has a design you enjoy. Cut out a 5-centimetre-by-10-centimetre (2-inch-by-4-inch) rectangle.
  3. Spray tag lightly with adhesive. Press magazine rectangle on top and allow to dry.
  4. Punch a hole at one end. Loop yarn through and attach to gifts. Repeat to create as many tags as you need.

Magazine Envelopes
Use the magazine’s cover to make fun envelopes.

Glue stick


  1. Deconstruct the envelope, keeping the original form, and flatten out.
  2. Cut out magazine cover at the binding seam.
  3. Place flattened envelope over magazine cover. Outline with a pencil and cut out template.
  4. Place template over the cover and gently fold in the same way as the original envelope.
  5. Glue edges where the envelope folds together. Allow to dry.

Selena is a mother and the founder of
Apron Thrift Girl, a blog devoted to living stylishly for less. She's an avid crafter and a lover of gluten-free food based in the heart of Sonoma County, Calif.

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