Jewellery Frame of Mind

Jewellery Frame of Mind

Create this simple jewellery display that is both functional and fabulous.

You know how, no matter how careful you are wrapping up your ear buds or storing them somewhere, they always manage to tangle themselves up in a knotted mess?

Well, jewellery is ten times worse. Even in jewellery boxes, necklaces get tangled and bracelets wrap around earrings. Here’s a simple solution to keep all that jewellery not only organized, but also easily visible – so you can find exactly what you need.

Picture frame
Burlap, wire mesh or craft wire
Hot glue and/or staple gun
Scissors or wire cutters



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  1. When selecting the picture frame that will ultimately hold your jewellery, consider where you want to put it. You can hang it on the wall, but you won’t be able to easily access the back side. You can find a freestanding one, but that will take up more counter space. There are workarounds for both, but it’s something to keep in mind.
  2. Remove the glass and backing to the picture frame, lay the frame on top of what will be the new backing and mark off the corners so you know where to cut. If you use burlap or wire mesh, simply cut a rectangle slightly smaller – 1/2 inch smaller will probably be enough – than the size of the frame. This will ensure it doesn’t poke over the edges. If you’re going the craft wire route, simply stretch out the wire to the appropriate length and trim.
  3. Fasten the backing to the frame. With the burlap, you can probably get away with just using hot glue, as the jewellery will be light enough. With the wire mesh and craft wire, you may want to consider using a staple gun in a few places to make sure they don’t slip. To be extra sure, use both.
  4. You can use hooks, tacks or decorative pins to hang necklaces, rings and bracelets. For earrings you’ve already lost the backs to, they can go straight in. If your earrings all still have their backs, you’ll probably want to go with a freestanding frame so you can easily take the backs on and off.

Tip: There are other options for the backing. Consider using pegboard or corkboard. You can even cover those with fabric if you want a specific motif.

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