Indoor Peppermint Candy Wreath

Indoor Peppermint Candy Wreath

Craft a delightful indoor wreath out of winter’s favourite candy — peppermints.

By: Jackie Bruchez

For not a lot of money and an hour or less of your time (plus drying time), you can have this festive décor hanging in your home. This adorable peppermint wreath will brighten up your walls — no one will be able to resist a smile while walking by!

3 large bags of peppermint candies
Hot glue gun
30.5 centimetre (12-inch) white foam wreath form
Glue sticks
Red ribbon



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  1. Unwrap all of the candies*
  2. Once they’re all unwrapped, heat up your glue gun
  3. Starting from the inside of the wreath, glue on the peppermint candies (it is best if you glue the candies in rows from the inside working out)
  4. Continue until the wreath is completely covered
  5. Finish the wreath off with a red ribbon tied into a bow and glued to the top of the wreath
  6. Hang on your mirror (or where ever you like) and enjoy your festive masterpiece

*Tip: Get the kids involved and have them unwrap the candies for you. The first one to finish a bag wins a prize!

Tip: To enjoy this candied wreath year after year, simply spray the entire wreath with a clear high-gloss acrylic spray and allow it to dry for a day. When you are ready to put it away, wrap it carefully in bubble wrap to ensure that the candies do not break.

Tip: Get in the wintry spirit and create a functional herb wreath to round out your décor!

Share your creative ideas for where to hang a peppermint candy wreath in the comments section below!

Jackie Bruchez is a wife and mother of three living in Solana Beach, Calif. She is the author of the food blog The Seaside Baker, which focuses on delicious baked desserts and the occasional savoury dish. She loves to travel and is currently working on a cookbook featuring West Coast farmers and cuisine.

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