Hot Cocoa Care Package

Hot Cocoa Care Package

Put together a thoughtful hot cocoa care package as an inexpensive gift option.

By: Elizabeth Stark

Thoughtful gifts don’t need to be expensive or difficult to obtain. Craft these clever hot cocoa care packages for easy, personalized gifts without going over your budget. These are perfect for situations that call for small presents –– your co-workers, your kids’ teachers, or far-away relatives –– because they allow you to create a memorable gift on a budget.

A Personal Touch
Before you begin, make a list of the recipients you have in mind. Next, make a list of the items you'd like to include in each. Be creative and consider your own tastes, as well as those of recipients; for instance, you may want to note someone who is gluten-free or really loves chocolate and tailor their packages accordingly.

Impressive Presentation
Before assembling the packages, you'll want to pick up:


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  • Zip-top bags of varying sizes
  • Craft tags or labels
  • Pens or markers
  • Decorative stickers
  • Ribbons
  • Small craft boxes
  • Decorative tissue paper

Ingredient Ideas
Fill small bags with tasty hot cocoa embellishments like:

  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Liquorice
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Cinnamon candies
  • Chocolate candies
  • Candy canes
  • Cinnamon sugar blend
  • Mini shortbread cookies

Packaging Instructions: Fill your box with the little bags of seasonal goodies, candies and treats. Then, fill the remaining room with tissue paper, wrap and tag your package. That's it — you’re done!

Mix it up
Personalize your care package with thoughtful add-ins like apple cider mix, various teas or a favourite coffee blend. Add the gift of scent by tossing in a mixture of seasonal mulling spices or just a few cinnamon sticks. Consider buying large quantities and hitting up the bulk bins at your local health food store to stay economical when purchasing ingredients.

Elizabeth Stark, along with her husband Brian Campbell, writes the blog Brooklyn Supper —the story of a family eating with the seasons in Virginia and Brooklyn. They believe strongly that good, local food and wholesome meals should be for everyone.

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I really like this idea and its perfect for the person who leaves everything to the last minute....h yeah that would be me lol. Merry Christmas to everyone at P&G Everyday!!! :)

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