Handmade Holiday Gift Tags

Handmade Holiday Gift Tags

Learn to craft simple homemade gift tags, and then embellish them with our easy ideas.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sparkle or dash of warmth to your gift, a homemade holiday gift tag is sure to delight your gift recipient. Skip the store-bought stickers this holiday season and craft one of our ideas instead!

Gift Tags
Reuse last year’s wrapping paper as quick-and-easy homemade gift tags.

Cookie cutter
Card stock
Wrapping paper
Spray adhesive
Hole puncher
Yarn or twine


  1. Trace the outline of the cookie cutter on card stock. Cut out and set aside.
  2. Repeat step 1 on the wrapping paper. Cut out and set aside.
  3. Spray card stock lightly with adhesive. Press wrapping paper shape on top and allow to dry.
  4. Punch a hole at one end. Loop yarn through and attach to gifts. Repeat to create as many tags as you need.

Tag Embellishment Ideas
Once your tags are complete, try our ideas to take your gifts to a festive new level.

Experiment with cookie cutters: Use a variety of cookie cutters and wrapping papers to personalize the tags. We love:

  1. Snowflakes
  2. Stars
  3. Wintergreen trees
  4. Snowmen
  5. Mittens
  6. Candy canes
  7. Stockings
  8. Ornaments
  9. Holly leaves
  10. Acorns

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Stamp it: Trace and cut out matching rectangles from a brown paper bag and card stock. Use a festive rubber stamp to create visual interest and a pop of colour.

Add glitter: Use any of the above ideas to create a basic tag, and then write the recipient’s name in glue and glitter.

Get the whole family involved: Use cookie cutters to draw outlines of shapes onto thick card stock. Have the kids decorate them, and then cut them out and use them as customized tags. Have an “artist” in the family? Have them freehand the designs instead!

Tip: Be sure to have your family sign their work so you can treasure their tags for years to come.

Go directly on the package: Trace a tag directly onto a gift wrapped in craft paper. Using metallic pens or coloured markers is an easy way to turn your gifts into eye-catching art.

Simple stitching: Spice up plain gift tags or pieces of cardstock by adding some simple stitching. Thread an embroidery needle with thick thread and weave in stitching.

Repurpose old magazines: Use our guide to upcycling old magazines to create bows, gift tags and envelopes.

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I check my Christmas cards and cut out sections which will look pretty on their own - doesn't matter size but I try to follow close to the shape of the selected graphic. I feed a little metallic thread through an edge and my To and From is written on the back.

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