Get Your Kicks: Giving Your Shoes Some Extra Sparkle

Get Your Kicks: Giving Your Shoes Some Extra Sparkle

Add glitz and glam to a pair of shoes with easy-to-make DIY ideas.

Part of back-to-school fun for kids is getting that new pair of shoes. (And if they didn’t grow so darn fast you could probably get away with reusing some from last year.)

But even though they’ve got their new kicks, this year will bring recitals and weddings and other events with shoe-specific requirements. You don’t want to have to buy another new pair of shoes just to match that wedding theme; so whether it’s your canvas sneakers or your daughter’s ballet flats, here are some ideas to dazzle your old shoes and get you off on the right foot.

Paint It On

Before you paint your shoes, use masking tape to cover the areas you don't want decorated, such as the soles or the inside of the shoe. Then remove the tape after you’re done.

Glitter and Glam

  • Glittery Mix : Glitter is easy to apply to shoes, and it makes a dramatic statement. Mix glitter with decoupage glue, and paint on your shoes. Allow them to dry, and add a few more coats of the glitter mixture until shoes are as glittery as desired.

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  • Coloured Toe Cap : Give your ballet flats some oomph by painting the tips with a pop of colour or a splash of metallic paint. Know this season's hottest colour combination? Give that a try!

  • Flowered Flats : Choose some cheery flowers or buttons and glue onto ballet flats for a whimsical update.

To Dye For

Do you have dirty, stained shoes? Change the colour of your shoes with a simple dye job, and dark colours will cover your stains better. For leather flats, use leather dye, and for cotton or canvas shoes, fabric dye will do the trick. Check your local craft store to make sure you’re buying the right dye for the job.

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