DIY Party Pennants

DIY Party Pennants

Craft adorable pennants from paper or fabric and add some charm to your next party.

Step 1: Pick Your Paper or Fabric
The options are virtually endless — just be sure you’re choosing papers in a heavier weight, like cardstock, and relatively thick fabric. Choose just one colour or pattern, or opt for a big mix of shades and prints.

Step 2: Cut Your Shapes
Use scissors to cut your materials into uniform triangles in the size of your choice, adding a 2 1/2-centimetre (1-inch) tab of extra material at the base for wrapping.

Tip: For sturdy pennants that look darling from both sides, cut out two shapes for each pennant. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the backsides of the two pieces together along the edges.

Step 3: Craft the Garland
To craft a garland, lay each pennant along a string, point facing down, then fold the top of the pennant over the string and hot glue in place on the backside. Or punch small holes in the top corners of each, then thread the string through.

Tip: For single pennants, hot glue a small wooden dowel along the short edge.

Tip: If you’re creating a double-sided pennant, be sure to glue the string or dowel in place before fusing the two pieces together.


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Step 4: Choose Your Message
Whether congratulations are in order or you’re welcoming someone home, you can say it out loud. Use each pennant for a single letter in your garland, or write individual names or messages on your standing pennants.

Step 5: Decorating with Pennants
Here comes the fun! Now that your one-of-a-kind pennants are complete, display them in whimsical ways.

  • Tie each end of your garland to a tree branch to create an organic look at your next backyard bash. Keep the look going by hanging a few star-shaped paper lanterns — they provide the perfect glow after the sunsets.

  • Hang your garland in a dramatic sweep over a doorway, above a mantle or even behind a wedding or birthday cake display.
  • String them across the backs of chairs or along both ends of a table.

How do you like to decorate with pennants? Share your creative ideas in the comments section below!

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