Bangle Bracelet Makeover

Bangle Bracelet Makeover

Use these 2 fun projects to breathe new life into old bracelets you want to wear again.


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Project 1: All Wrapped Up
Be it yarn, fabric, ribbon or even scraps of decorative trim, encasing your bracelets in a striking material is a quick and simple way to dress them up. Wrapping them in soft materials also offers a gentler feel against your skin and prevents the bracelets from clanking together and scratching.

Step 1: Choose from a large assortment of shapes and sizes by asking your friends to bring along old bracelets that they would like to repurpose.

Tip: Scope out thrift stores, craft centres and discount accessory stores for cheap options.

Step 2: Along the inside of your bracelet, draw a thin line of craft glue and adhere the loose end of your wrapping material in place. Let dry.

Step 3: Once dry, begin tightly wrapping your material around the bangle. If using fabric, slightly overlap the pieces each time you wrap around the bracelet. Continue all the way around the bracelet until fully covered, then cut the material and fasten the loose end in place with a small dab of glue. Let dry completely before wearing.

Tip: To add delicate texture and blended colour to your bangles, try twisting, knotting or braiding together several pieces of material in various hues, patterns and designs.

Project 2: Decorative Decoupage
With a simple decoupage technique and a creative approach, you can turn your favourite scraps of decorative paper into wearable art.

Step 1: Decoupage is the perfect craft project for finally making use of decorative papers you’ve stowed away. Choose from scraps of wallpaper, maps, greeting cards, newsprint, magazines, calendars, photographs and more to craft a one-of-a-kind bracelet you’ll wear with pride.

Step 2: With a ruler, measure the width of your bangle, then cut the paper into pieces slightly longer than double the width of your bracelet. Cut enough paper pieces to completely cover your bangle.

Step 3: Paint the backside of your first paper scrap with the decoupage medium, then wrap it tightly around the bangle, smoothing away any air bubbles with your fingertips. Continue applying the paper strips, always overlapping the piece you previously laid.

Step 4: Once your bracelet is entirely covered, measure and cut a paper strip to cover the paper joints along the interior of the bracelet. The paper strip should be approximately as wide as the bangle and long enough to completely circle the inside. Apply a thin line of glue along the interior of the bracelet, then adhere the paper strip in place.

Step 5: Brush the entire piece with a final thin coat of the decoupage medium. Let dry for several hours before wearing.

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