8 Homemade Doily Decorations

8 Homemade Doily Decorations

Add timeless doilies to your décor with our eight simple crafts ideas.

By: Heather Mann

Doily Vase
Embellish an old vase with doilies, and then use it for a bouquet of your favourite flowers or as a cute serving container.

Newspaper, to cover your work surface
Glass cylinder vase
Scissors (optional)
Paper doilies
Decoupage glue
Foam brush


  1. Check how the doily fits on your vase before you start, and trim to fit if necessary
  2. Apply decoupage medium to the back of a paper doily, gently, taking care not to tear the delicate lace of the doily
  3. Place doily on the vase in the desired position
  4. Brush decoupage medium over the doily gently and allow it to dry

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Tip: Add other items such as buttons, ribbon or rhinestones to fit your personal taste and style.

Seven More Doily Crafts

  1. Starched Basket: Create delicate doily baskets by laying a crocheted doily over an overturned bowl and applying fabric starch. Allow it to dry, and then slowly remove the bowl. Try this technique on a vase, too!
  2. Tote Bag Stencil: Add romantic charm to a tote bag, reusable grocery bag or virtually any surface. Place a paper doily on the bag, and then gently sponge fabric paint over it, being careful not to move it as you work. Remove doily and allow paint to dry.
  3. Dream Catcher: Stretch a crocheted doily in a large embroidery hoop to create a romantic dream catcher.
  4. Garland: Cut paper doilies in half, and then attach to a grosgrain ribbon for a quick and pretty doily garland.
  5. Lampshade: Give new life to an old lampshade by decoupaging paper doilies to the shade or stretching crocheted doilies over the frame and securing with matching thread.
  6. Cones: What could be more charming than serving edible goodies in a doily cone? Cut a large doily in half and shape into a cone. Secure with a piece of decorative washi tape.
  7. Table Runner: Stitch assorted crocheted doilies together with a needle and thread to create a beautiful doily table runner.

Tip: Buy paper doilies in the party section of your local craft store. Find crocheted doilies in the craft store, or scour thrift stores to find vintage versions.

What’s your favourite way to use doilies in your home décor? Tell us in the comment section below!

Heather Mann is chief editor of Dollar Store Crafts, and specializes in transforming inexpensive materials into stylish and simple craft projects. She has appeared on “The Martha Stewart Show” and been featured in Reader’s Digest and the New York Times, and her work has appeared on the cover of FamilyFun magazine.

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