4 Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

4 Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

Turn old glass bottles into candlesticks, jewellery organizers and so much more.

4 Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles
Give used glass bottles a new lease on life by upcycling them for your home and garden. Before you begin, be sure to wash and dry your bottles.

1. Chalk It Up
Organize kitchen essentials like olive oil and vinegar by labelling bottles with chalk.

2 tall, clear glass bottles with narrow tops
Painter’s tape
Chalkboard paint



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  1. Cover the bottle with painters tape, leaving the middle 1/3 uncovered
  2. Spray open area with chalkboard paint
  3. After the paint has dried, spray a second coat. Let dry, then carefully remove tape and paper
  4. Fill one bottle with oil and the other with vinegar. Top with plastic pourers* and label the bottles with chalk

*Tip: Purchase plastic pourers at your local grocery or party supply store.

2. Bracelet Organizer
Create an easy place to store jewellery that doubles as a unique piece of art. Place a tall, clean bottle on a colourful saucer and secure with glue. When dry, store a collection of bracelets around the top of the bottle.

3. Candlesticks
Design a creative centrepiece for a dinner party. Place a tall candle inside the opening of a bottle. Make sure the candle fits snugly so it’s secure.

Tip: Add colour by dusting a small amount of super fine glitter into each jar or by alternating candle colours.

4. Garden of Delight
Bring brightness to your yard by adding a bottle garden border. Dig a narrow trench around the garden bed and place bottles upside down to create a border. Fill dirt around the bottles to gently secure them in place.

Tip: Weed around the border by hand so the bottles won’t get damaged.

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