3 Useful Kitchen Gifts with Recipe Ideas

3 Useful Kitchen Gifts with Recipe Ideas

Give the chef in your life one of our three useful gifts and throw in a compatible recipe as a special touch.


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Versatile tools for the kitchen are always a welcome addition for anyone who loves to cook or just wants to better organize their kitchen. Give these tools, along with a few delicious recipes, and let their culinary adventures begin!

Gift Idea #1: Hand Blender
A hand blender can be one of the most versatile small appliances for a resourceful cook who whips, blends and purees a variety of foods.

Wrap the hand blender — in its box — in a decoratively patterned apron. Include recipes in the pocket and tie the apron strings together in a bow.

Related Recipe: Have the recipient put their new blender to good use when they whip up creamy pumpkin and black bean soup.

Gift Idea #2: Multi-use Pitcher
Find a colourful open-topped pitcher that also can be used to hold cooking utensils. Put a large stirring spoon inside and tie a recipe for your favourite chilled drink around the pitcher with a ribbon.

Related Recipe: Tell them to have friends over and serve embellished coffee in their new pitcher.

Gift Idea #3: The Essential Slow Cooker
A slow cooker that can be programmed to cook automatically is perfect for a busy cook on the go. Fill the cooker with bags of seasonings or place a few decorative bowls inside. Wrap the slow cooker box in a pretty linen tablecloth to create an all-in-one dinner gift.

Related Recipe: Have your recipient use their new slow cooker to easily whip up a batch of versatile vegetable broth.

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