3 Repurposed T-shirt Crafts

3 Repurposed T-shirt Crafts

Turn old T-shirts into fun, functional crafts with our ideas and simple instructions.

1. T-shirt Scarves
Cut and tie old T-shirts together — no sewing or knitting required.


  1. Remove sleeves, collar and bottom hem; set aside
  2. Cut 2 1/2-centimetre (1-inch) strips horizontally across the shirt to make a dozen or more rings
  3. Stretch out each loop slightly. Bundle strips together*
  4. Tie loops together with thin pieces of T-shirt material gathered from sleeves, collar and hem
  5. Connect loops until desired length is formed

*Tip: The more loops you make, the thicker and shorter the finished scarf will become.

Tip: Create an infinity scarf: Continue to tie the loops until the first and last loops connect.

2. Flower Headbands
Grab a T-shirt and create soft, unique headbands for friends, kids or yourself.


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  1. Cut a 5-centimetre (2-inch) wide strip long enough to go around your head.
  2. Wrap the strip around your head and mark where ends meet
  3. Cut 2 1/2 centimetres (1 inch) off markings to ensure finished band will be snug
  4. Stitch the ends together by machine or hand; set aside
  5. Create a flower petal pattern (four petals work well) on paper; cut out
  6. Trace pattern onto fabric and cut out 3-4 layers of petals
  7. Layer the petals so they’re fanned out in the flower shape; stitch straight down the middle
  8. Stitch the flower design to original headband piece

3. T-Shirt Tote
Create a chic handmade tote by sewing the bottom hem shut, cutting the sleeves out and leaving the armholes as handles. Cut 3-inch slits in the top shirt for a stylish look.

Make a more durable bag : Prepare two totes, then insert one into the other with the outer materials facing each other. Sew aligned handles together at 1 1/2-centimetre (1/2-inch) seam allowance, and flip inside out.

Tip: Cut 8-centimetre (3-inch) slits in the top shirt for a stylish look.

Do you have any clever uses for old T-shirts? Share them in the comments section below!

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