3 Paint Swatch Crafts

3 Paint Swatch Crafts

Turn leftover paint swatch into three crafts — a wreath, mobile or artwork — with our simple instructions.

Chances are, you’ve amassed quite the paint chip collection over the years, so why not put them on display? We’ve got three crafts that put these colourful cards front and centre.

Three Paint Swatch Crafts

1. Paint Swatch Wreath
We love monochromatic wreaths that feature one colour in multiple hues. Pinks are oh-so-pretty for Valentine’s Day and bluish greys are an understated and sophisticated way to decorate everyday.


Cardboard/foam core
Scissors/craft knife
Decorative paper/fabric
Decoupage glue (optional)
Clothespins or binder clips
Paint swatches


  1. Locate a piece of foam core or cardboard you can use to create your wreath — filing, moving and pizza boxes are all good options
  2. Take a bowl or item with a circular mouth or base that’s about 30.5 centimetres (12 inches) in diameter, and then trace the outline onto your repurposed sheet of cardboard or foam core to create the wreath form
  3. Cut out using your traced circle as a guide
  4. Cover your wreath with a decorative material
  5. Lay the wreath form on top of your material of choice, trace the outline of the outer circle and cut out the full circle
  6. Glue the material to the wreath form and allow to dry
  7. Once the wreath shape is dry, attach a piece of ribbon for hanging — you can wrap ribbon, twine or yarn around the wreath, creating a loop for hanging, or even tie the two ends into a bow
  8. Attach paint swatches with clothespins or binder clips
  9. Swap out the paint swatches seasonally for a customized touch

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Tip: Give your wreath a new look by clamping tea bag packages, greeting cards, photos, postcards or pressed leaves to it.

2. Mobile
Cut shapes from your paint swatches — try circles or hearts — to create colourful, handmade mobiles. For an instant decoration, string shapes onto fishing line and hang from chandeliers and other light fixtures or tie them to a curtain rod and hang in a window. If you dust the shapes with glitter, they’ll glisten in the sunlight.

Tip: If you have leftover fishing line and paint chip pieces, string together the shapes to create a colourful garland. Hang it somewhere in your home or wrap it around a gift box in place of ribbon for a picture-perfect package.

3. Wall Art
Craft your own masterpieces for next to nothing by framing and displaying the paint swatches leftover from your last decorating project. Showcased in a bright white frame, the colours really pop.

Do you have any fun craft ideas that use old paint swatches? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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