2 Easy Pumpkin Tabletop Arrangements for Fall

2 Easy Pumpkin Tabletop Arrangements for Fall

Carve out time this fall to create colourful tabletop arrangements that feature pumpkins.

By: Debra Steilen

Give your home décor an autumnal attitude with fresh pumpkin arrangements. You can show off your creative side with incised designs or simply bring out the beauty of fresh cut and potted flowers with our easy-to-do ideas.

Super-simple Pumpkin Vase
Transform a small round pumpkin into a stylishly seasonal vase.

20.5-centimetre-diameter pumpkin in the colour you desire
Large spoon or pumpkin scoop
Small cylindrical container (sized to fit within pumpkin)
Flower food (optional)
Seasonal flowers (such as dahlias, cockscombs or carnations)


  1. Wash and dry the pumpkin
  2. Place the pumpkin on a newspaper before cutting off the top with a knife. The opening you cut should be big enough to accommodate the container chosen to hold the flowers

Tip: Use the outside rim of the container as a template. Place the container on top of the pumpkin and draw around the edge with a pen; use the traced circle as a cutting guide.


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  1. Using a large spoon or scoop, remove the pulp and seeds. Try to make the bottom of the pumpkin cavity as level as possible so the container will stand up straight
  2. Place the small container inside the pumpkin, then fill it almost to the top with water. Add flower food if desired
  3. Using scissors, trim the flower stems to desired lengths. Place the tallest flowers in the centre of the container. Spiral out from the centre flowers as you insert consecutively shorter ones until the arrangement is full enough to stand upright

Tip: Swap out the vase for potting soil and plant your favourite succulents or mix it up with ornamental grass.

Painted Pumpkins with Incised Designs
Craft beautifully patterned pumpkins to use in eye-catching arrangements.

Large orange or white pumpkin
Medium orange or white pumpkin
Small orange or white pumpkin
Painter’s tape
Spray paint in a matte black
White chalk
Paring knife
Woodworking tools (optional)
Large tray in the finish you desire
Gourds in the colours and textures you desire
Fresh seasonal flowers (optional)


  1. Wash and dry all three pumpkins. Wrap painter’s tape around their stems
  2. Place pumpkins atop newspapers in a well-ventilated area. Using short quick bursts, spray-paint each pumpkin matte black. Spray a second coat if needed for complete coverage. Let dry between coats. Remove painter’s tape from stems

Tip: Thin overlapping bursts of paint will create a more even surface than long sprays that cause drips.

  1. Plan your incised designs. For a more interesting display, design a different look for each pumpkin. Consider stripes, dots and simple graphics such as flowers
  2. Place the first pumpkin on newspaper. Using white chalk, sketch your desired design on the pumpkin’s black-painted surface. Using the paring knife or your favourite woodworking tool, scrape or gouge out the incised design. Go just deep enough to reveal the orange or white pumpkin flesh beneath the rind. Repeat these steps with the remaining pumpkins
  3. Arrange the finished pumpkins on a tray to create your tabletop display. Tuck in small ornamental gourds for additional pops of fall colour and texture

Tip: Add height to a pumpkin grouping to make it more interesting. Lift a medium or large pumpkin by displaying it on a cake pedestal. Prop small pumpkins atop sturdy black candle pedestals.

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