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By: Monica Gullon

A clever clock can give a room instant personality. With a clock kit from a craft store and a little imagination you can create a timepiece that’s truly your own. Use our ideas for personalizing a clock kit for every room in your house. 

Tip: Before you begin, visit your local craft store to pick up a clock kit. These will range in size and price, so establish a room and a look before you go pick out the clock you intend to create.

For the Living Room
A large, dramatic clock makes a great conversation piece. For maximum impact, turn a wide expanse of empty wall into a clock face. 

1. Painted Wall Clock: Use painter’s tape to temporarily map out where you’d like to place your clock kit and numbers. Use stencils to paint large numbers in a shade that contrasts with your wall’s colour for a bold look or go subtle with coordinating paint colours. 

Tip: Need an easy, inexpensive way to make number stencils? Pick a font you like and print out a number that fills a page from your computer at home. Cut out the number with a craft knife for an instant stencil.

2. Decal Clock: Can’t paint on walls? Use a decal clock kit that’s easily removable. 

For the Kitchen and Dining Room
Pretty china isn’t just for eating on — it also makes a unique clock face.

3. Repurposed China Clock: Look for vintage plates at flea markets and garage sales. Drill a hole in the centre for the clock mechanism. (Use a diamond drill bit to avoid breakage.) Hand write clock numbers with an oil-based permanent marker. 

4. Tea Tin Clock: Turn a colourful tea or cookie tin lid into a clock. Place tin on a wood surface and punch a few holes in the centre with a hammer and nail. Use wire cutters to finish cutting out an opening large enough for the clock mechanism. 

For the Craft Room
This is the room where you can really let your creativity run wild. 

5. Crafty Clock: Cut a sturdy piece of cardboard into a disk the desired diameter of your clock. Mark the centre and carefully punch a hole with a screwdriver or other pointed tool.

Once you have the blank clock canvas, cover the disk using your favourite craft supplies like fabric, burlap and yarn:

  • Glue a fat quarter of quilting fabric to the cardboard disk or wooden clock kit face and attach buttons in place of clock numbers using a hot glue gun.
  • Wrap yarn around the disk starting from the hole in the centre outward.
  • Decoupage the disk with old photos or hardware store paint chips.
  • Cover the disk in brightly coloured, wooden craft sticks.

For a Child’s Bedroom
Let kids help you create a unique clock for their room. 

6. Chalkboard Clock: Paint an accent wall with chalkboard paint and hang a basic clock kit. Have child draw a clock face around the kit, writing numbers in various chalk colours. Wipe clean and draw again anytime you want a brand new look. 

7. Toy Clock: Use picture-hanging putty to attach 12 small plastic animals or toys to the wall around your clock mechanism. Try a collection of dinosaurs, animals, toy soldiers or tiny dolls. Spray paint them all one colour for a unified look. 

For the Family Room
Create a clock that fosters togetherness and features family members.

8. Family Portraits Clock: Hang 12 small-framed portraits in a circle with the clock mechanism in the centre. Use school portraits, from first grade through 12th, adding these in the place of clock numbers as your child progresses through their studies.


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