7 Clear Ball Ornament Ideas

Fill these DIY gifts with our 7 suggestions, and warm the heart of everyone on your list.

By: Amanda Palmer

Instead of racking your brain trying to think of the perfect gift for your girlfriends, sisters, or even neighbours, just make it. You don’t need to be supernaturally crafty for this one, either.

Clear ball ornaments are made with a removable cap, which allows you to fill it with your own magic. There are also balls that come in halves so you can place larger items inside, and then snap it closed.

Before You Begin
Think of the unique qualities and talents of your fabulous social circle and play on those: the music lover, the artist, the traveller, the wildcard and more.

1. For the Coffee Lover
Slide a piece of burlap ribbon inside, add coffee beans and a colourful fall leaf or dried petals for an added rustic look that’s also aromatic.

2. For the Music Lover
Print out the bars to her favourite songs and cut them into strips. Coil the strips around your finger before sliding them into the ball, and top with a bow in her favourite colour.

3. For the Traveller
Print or cut out a picture of a gorgeous landscape, then cut into strips. Cardstock paper works well. Layer them in order from bottom to top. Curl slivers of a road map and use as filler behind the landscape, or crack open a dozen fortune cookies.

4. For the Chef
A recipe card will do, or fill with layers of flour, brown and white sugar and glitter.

5. For the Colourful One
Squeeze some acrylic paint into the ball and swirl it around until you like what you see. Leave some clear spots if you’d like and fill with bright strips of paper or ribbon once the paint is dry.*

*Tip: Use a disposable cup or egg carton to hold the ornaments, cap side down and open, until dry. When it comes to paint, less is more.

6. For the Free Spirit
Drop random trinkets and creative buttons or charms you can find at any craft store. Fill the remaining space with vase filler, which looks like tiny ice crystals. Every time she shakes it, she’ll find something new.

7. For the Minimalist
Sometimes simple is best. Using a split ball and fishing line or a beautiful thin ribbon, tie a precious charm, feather or smaller ornament and hot glue it to the top. The lone keepsake will look like it’s floating.

Tip: For each of these ornaments, you can decorate the outside as well. Chances are you’re making more than one, so pick up some acrylic paint (glitter paint looks ultra chic on these) and add a little dazzle to the top or all around. Test a few first. Finish them off with a beautiful bow or a sleek ribbon cuff and a dab of hot glue.


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