6 Stocking Embellishment Ideas

Dress up holiday stockings with our six simple and festive ideas.

By Megan Arquette

In most households, year after year, the same holiday stockings are brought out. Some have been with the owner since childhood, or maybe since the first year as a married couple. Stockings hold more than just small gifts and candy canes; they hold memories and tradition. Discover our six ways give them a little pick-me-up this season.

Six Stocking Decoration Ideas

  1. Add small bells or buttons to store-bought, knit stockings.
  2. Lend a homespun feel to your mantel. Cut old quilts into large stocking shapes, and then stitch around the edges to close.
  3. Personalize stockings with various colours of felt. Trace letters or holiday shapes like snowflakes, mittens and trees, cut them out and attach to the front of stockings.
  4. Craft stores offer an array of miniature items that can be sewed or glued onto stockings. Stitch a small train set across a boy’s stocking or add a felt tree strewn with a tiny string of lights for a darling effect.
  5. Make your own beads, pinecones, flowers and acorns from felt, and then attach with glue or twine.
  6. Repurpose an old sweater! Use the ribbed wrists of the sleeves as the top of the stocking and close the bottom.

Gifting Tip: Tuck a recipe, a bottle of homemade bath salts, carved soaps and a good book in a homemade stocking, and then present it to your favourite hostess, family member or friend.

Tip: Don’t forget your furry friends! Embellish a stocking for your favourite dog or cat, and then stuff it full of cute pet gifts.

Megan Arquette is a Los Angeles-based interior designer and creator of the design blog Beach Bungalow 8. Her design work and freelance writing have appeared in several national design publications. Megan currently lives in a bungalow at the beach with her husband, two kids, three dogs and five fish.



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