When Cabin Fever Hits: 6 Fun Crafts for Your Little Ones

When cabin fever hits your home, keep the little ones occupied with these 6 easy crafts!

When Cabin Fever Hits: 6 Fun Crafts for Your Little Ones

Whether you’re on the temperate west coast or the frigid east coast, all of us can relate to the restlessness that is cabin fever. So if your little ones are getting anxious for a new activity, try one of these fun and easy craft ideas!


Woodland Snow Globes

Your kids (and you!) will love the festiveness of these homemade snow globes, but they might need a hand creating them...

…and maybe have an extra roll of Bounty paper towels on hand just in case!


Make-Your-Own Watercolour Paint

Got a little artist on your hands? Help them make a creative splash with their very own set of watercolour paints.


Animal Earmuffs

If your children can’t stand getting bundled up before playing outside in the snow, these animal earmuffs are the perfect solution. Staying warm never looked so fun!

Psst… don’t forget to download your free animal design templates!


DIY Tissue Box Holders

Your youngsters may be more likely to grab a tissue to tackle those sniffles if it comes from a fun box! Tip: You can even use them as storage for crayons, markers and coloured pencils. Check out our 3 ideas for kid-friendly tissue box holders.


Upcycled Crayons

Do you have broken or worn-out crayons lying around the house? Don’t just throw them out! Instead, give them new life by upcycling them into brand new crafts. 


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

In case your kids decide to try out their new crayons on the wall, have a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on hand to clean up the mess.


DIY Monster Pencil Holders

Speaking of upcycling, grab some old shampoo bottles and turn them into adorable pencil holders! They’re easy to make, customizable and perfect for decorating your child’s craft space.


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