5 Ideas to Reuse PVC Piping

Upcycle PVC piping into functional crafts, décor and more with our tips and ideas.

By: Elizabeth Elliot

Home improvement “leftovers” make the best materials for new projects. PVC piping is durable and can be made modern with style. Use our ideas to transform scrap piping into useful projects for every room in your house.

Have your local home improvement store cut the piping for you before you begin the projects.

Sort Your Flatware
Paint small sections of PVC pipes to match your kitchen décor or adorn with seasonal décor. After they’re dry, organize flatware in each piece and set it out.

Tip: This is a perfect idea for when overnight guests are coming so they don’t have to go around searching for a fork!

Office Organizer
Cut pieces of PVC piping into various heights, paint or embellish them and then glue the sides together into a fun pattern. Set it in your home office and sort pencils, pens and other office supplies. Label each pipe for extra organization!

DIY Hanging Planter
Fall and winter are perfect seasons to do a little indoor gardening. It’s a chance to stay warm and still play in the dirt.

3 PVC end caps (10-centimetre, 7.5-centimetre, 5-centimetre; 4-inch, 3-inch and 2-inch)
3 small plants


  1. Mark where to drill three holes in each PVC end cap for the hangers, and then drill the holes
  2. Thread the twine through each hole and tie a knot on the inside
  3. Loosen the plant’s original container by squeezing it slightly, and then lift it out with roots still intact
  4. Lightly loosen roots from the soil until the plant is small enough to fit in the end cap
  5. Transfer the plants to the end caps
  6. Try working over a large, empty bowl — that way, you’ll catch any dirt that falls during the process
  7. Sprinkle in extra soil as needed and pack down softly
  8. Tie each piece of twine together in a knot above the plant and water until damp.
  9. Let them rest overnight before hanging them

Biscuit Cutter
Use clean PVC piping sections to portion biscuit dough into perfect sections. Keep the pipe in your kitchen for the next time you need a handy tool!

Garden Organizer
Use large sections of PVC piping to corral wooden stakes used for holding up vines and tomato plants.

Do you have any ideas for PVC pipes we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments section below!

Elizabeth and her pal, Candie, are co-founders of Craftbaby. Find their insight on anything — whether it's painting office walls pink (home décor), chasing after a messy toddler (parenting), creating because they’re too cheap (DIY) or cooking without wheat so they don't get puffy (recipes).


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