5 Ideas for Using Your Tablet in the Kitchen

Use our 5 tablet ideas to keep your favourite kitchen gadget in view.

By: Monica Gullon

Whether you like to do dishes while watching cat videos, chop carrots with your favourite celebrity chef or try out the latest recipe from P&G everyday, tablets are your best friend in the kitchen. There’s no need to get fancy with expensive stands or gadgets, either. Here’s how to use what you already have and make the most of your tablet while you cook. 

Tip: When using your tablet in the kitchen, keep it away from heat and water.

1. Go Old School
An old-fashioned bookstand needn’t be a thing of the past even if your old cookbooks are. Tablets can rest quite well on tabletop, lectern-style bookstands and those that are V-shaped (the type that allow books to be cradled on their spines).

2. Make it Yourself
Feeling DIY? Upcycle a cutting board, word game tile holder and a triangle-shaped wooden toy block into a stand.

Using wood glue, affix the tile holder to the front of the cutting board and the wooden toy block to the back. Clamp and allow to dry overnight. (You can also attach the toy block with screws.)

Tip: Personalize the stand by stencilling “kitchen closed” or “eat” to the front, and it double as a cute sign when not in use. 

3. Hack a Stand
Search your cupboards for ordinary kitchen items that can be turned into impromptu stands.

  • Place a metal spatula inside a 23-by-12 1/2-centimetre (9-by-5-inch) glass loaf pan with its handle facing up (as if you were about to pry out a loaf of bread). Rest your tablet inside the pan on top of the spatula’s blade. The handle will keep the back of the tablet upright.
  • The angle of a wooden knife block is perfect for propping your tablet against. Lean the tablet against the knife block and stop it from slipping by placing a large bag of rice in front.
  • Fold your preferred cooking magazine onto itself and rest it on the counter with the lengthwise edges of the pages facing away from you. Place tablet upright on top of magazine at the fold and prop it up with two food cans in the back. The magazine’s fold acts as a lip to keep the tablet steady and upright.
  • Place two large, heavy mugs on the counter touching each other with their handles facing out. Lean tablet vertically against the mugs, adjusting their handles to cradle it on each side. Hold in place at the front with a bag of beans or lentils.

4.Pump up the Volume
Want to be able to hear cooking show instructions above your kids’ squabbling? Place your tablet inside a medium-sized glass mixing bowl. Thanks to the laws of acoustics, you’ll get enough sound to fill the kitchen, and because the bowl is clear, you’ll still be able to see your screen. 

5. Wrap it Up
Worried about getting food splatters on your tablet? Keep it safe by temporarily covering it in plastic cling wrap. Or slip it into a clean plastic gallon zip-top bag. Your touch screen will still work, and your screen will be grease free.

Do you cook with a tablet nearby? What do you do to keep it protected and clean? Log in or register and share your tips in the comments below!



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