3 Spooky DIY Candy Holders

Delight your favourite kids with cute homemade candy holders that just scream Halloween.

By: Debra Steilen

Fill these adorable homemade holders with candy and let them do the trick-or-treating work this Halloween. Place them outside on Halloween night or leave them in your home all season long to delight your guests’ sweet tooth.

1. Friendly Paper Plate Spider 
Hang this candy-filled spider from a doorknob or wreath hanger to welcome trick-or-treaters. 

Waxed paper or newspaper
23-centimetre (9-inch) paper plate
Small paintbrush
Crafts paint: black, green and white
Scissors or craft knife
Craft glue
4 black pipe cleaners (use bumpy chenille stems for slightly creepier legs)
White construction paper
2 large googly eyes (optional)
7 1/2-by-12 1/2-centimetre (3-by-5-inch) construction paper: orange or green
Black fine-point marker
3 90-centimetre (36-inch) -long pieces of yarn or ribbon: green or orange


  1. Place the paper plate face down on the waxed paper or newspaper. Paint the underside of the paper plate black. Let dry
  2. Fold the paper plate in half. Cut along the crease using scissors or a craft knife
  3. Run a line of glue along the inside of the rounded edge of one half of the paper plate. (Do not glue the straight sides of the paper plate halves.) Stick the two halves of the paper plate together with unpainted sides facing each other, matching the rounded edges, to create a pocket. Let dry
  4. Using a scissors or crafts knife, cut the pipe cleaners in half. Take 6 of the 8 stems and bend their ends about 2 1/2 centimetres (1 inch) to create 90-degree corners; one end of each stem should bend to the left and the opposite end should bend to the right. Take the remaining two stems and bend their ends to create 90-degree corners. Bend one end of each about 5 centimetres (2 inches), and the opposite end 2 1/2 centimetres (1 inch)
  5. Place the painted paper plate pocket in front of you so that the open end is at the top. Run a bead of glue on the 2 1/2-centimetre (1-inch) -long bended portion of three pipe cleaner legs. Attach the legs to the underside of the plate. Let all the legs dry before crafting the spider’s face
  6. Using scissors, cut two round eyes from white construction paper. Paint one black circle in each; let dry. Using just the tip of the brush, paint a white dot inside each black circle. Let dry. Glue both eyes near the top of the paper-plate pocket

Tip: If you prefer, stick on googly eyes instead of making eyes from construction paper and paint.

  1. Using a narrow brush and green paint, draw a squiggly smile on the front of the pocket. Let dry. Add a little attitude, if you like, by using the fine-tip brush to add sharp white teeth below the squiggly smile
  2. Using the fine-point marker, write a Halloween message (e.g. Happy Halloween!) on the 7 1/2-by-12 1/2-centimetre (3-by-5-inch piece) of orange construction paper. Glue the sign to the bent portion of the two front legs so it appears to be holding the sign
  3. Line up the pieces of yarn side by side and tie the end of the strands in a knot. Braid the three strands together and tie a knot at the opposite end
  4. Open the prepared spider pocket. Squeeze some crafts glue into the creases on either side. Press one end of the braided handle into the glue on each side and let dry completely
  5. Fill with candy or trinkets and hang from a nail or branch

2. Zombie Candy Holder 
Create this monstrously clever candy holder from a plastic bottle, corks and other simple crafts supplies. 

1 large plastic bottle (needs to be big enough that a cut-out opening can accommodate a child’s hand)
Black fine-point marker
Craft knife
Heavy-duty scissors
2 corks
Acrylic craft paint: green and black
Small paintbrushes
Black costume wig
Spray primer (optional)
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
White cardstock or heavy paper
Large googly eyes (optional)


  1. Wash and dry the plastic bottle, and remove the label
  2. Draw a rough outline of the monster’s open mouth on the bottom half of the bottle. Using the craft knife or heavy-duty scissors, cut out the mouth and discard the scraps
  3. Paint the outside of the bottle with green acrylic paint. Paint a second coat if needed for complete coverage. Let dry between coats
  4. Paint the corks with black acrylic paint. Let dry
  5. Cut the costume wig to fit on the top of the jug. Attach it with craft glue
  6. Using scissors, cut two round eyes from white construction paper. Paint one black circle in each; let dry. Using just the tip of the brush, paint a white dot inside each black circle. Let dry. Hot-glue both eyes above the mouth
  7. Use the fine-point marker to draw scars on the monster’s head if desired
  8. Hot-glue one painted corks to each side of the monster’s head to stand in for metal bolts*

*Tip: Use twirled black pipe cleaners as a cute alternative for the corks!

  1. Place the monster on a table or bookshelf that is low enough for children to be able to reach inside the monster’s mouth. Fill with candy or trinkets

Tip: Line the mouth cavity with red or purple tissue paper before adding the candy to give the monster’ even more personality.

3. Smiling Bath Tissue Roll Bat 
Recycle a cardboard bath tissue roll into a comical bat that simply loves candy. 

Bath tissue roll
Scissors or craft knife
Acrylic craft paint: black
Small paintbrush
Construction paper: black and white
Small plate
2 small googly eyes
Glue stick
Silver paint pen or marker


  1. Using a small brush, paint the outside of the roll black. Let dry
  2. Holding the painted roll in both hands, use your thumbs and index fingers to push in the top: first one side, then the other. This creates the pointed “ears” of the bat
  3. Create the wings by placing the small plate on top of the black construction paper and tracing around the edge with a pencil. Using the scissors, cut out the circle. Fold the circle in half, matching the edges, and cut along the crease. Place the half circles together, matching the curved edges. Holding both pieces of paper together, cut a scalloped edge at the bottom of the half circles to create two bat wings. Attach the wings to the back of the roll with tape or craft glue
  4. Using dabs of crafts glue, attach two googly eyes near the top of the roll (beneath the ears)
  5. Use silver paint to create a smiling mouth with small pointed teeth. Let dry
  6. To use this bat as a candy holder, fill with treats before laying it face up on a tabletop

Do you have a go-to candy holder for Halloween? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

Debra is a Midwest-based expert on crafting, home design (especially kitchens, baths, and storage), and holidays. She spends her free time renovating and decorating her 1909 Craftsman home—and wrangling her two Golden Retrievers.

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