3 No-sew Cases for Your Glasses

Craft 3 DIY cases for your glasses to add flair and personality. No sewing required!

By: Liz Elliott

Whether you’re getting ready to wear your fabulous sunglasses again, or just reaching for your everyday reading glasses, why not store them in a holder you made yourself? Try creating one from some scrap fabric and a bath tissue roll, dress up an inexpensive store-bought case or even repurpose a simple kitchen potholder. The best part? None requires sewing!

1. No-sew Eyeglasses Holder

Bath tissue tube
Binder or paper clips


  1. Cut the bath tissue tube lengthwise
  2. Place the tube, now a rectangle, on fabric and cut around it, leaving about 1/3-centimetre (1/4-inch) all around
  3. Set fabric square aside
  4. Place the tube on fabric and cut another piece exactly to size
  5. Glue the larger piece of fabric to the tube, wrapping the extra length around the other side and gluing in place
  6. Glue the smaller piece of fabric to the tube, covering up the remaining exposed tube
  7. Fold in half and glue along two sides and the bottom, leaving the top open
  8. Hold glue in place to dry with binder or paper clips

Tip: Swap out scrapbook paper instead of fabric, or use a paper towel or gift wrap roll instead of the bath tissue roll.

Tip: Turn old neckties into small electronic holders with our instructions!

2. Dress up a Drugstore Eyeglasses Holder
If you’d like a fashion-forward option, try this clutch-inspired DIY project. With a quick glue/glitter mixture, you’ll have a simple drugstore eyeglasses holder looking like a stylish accessory!

Hard plastic or fake leather clamshell holder
50 mL (1/4 cup) of glue that dries clear


  1. Mix glitter with glue
  2. Open the case and paint the outside with glitter and glue mixture
  3. Allow the mixture to dry completely before using the case

Tip: Create a few different glitter colour/glue mixtures and paint on stripes or other designs.

3. Repurposed Potholder
If you have an extra potholder in your kitchen, or happen across a cute one at the dollar store, this is a great way to repurpose it. Since it’s fabric it’s machine washable, and you can pop it in your handbag and take it wherever you go!

A square, fabric pot holder
Fabric glue
Quilting pins


  1. Fold potholder in half and glue along the edges — the top should be open
  2. Use quilting pins to hold fabric together while the glue dries
  3. Remove pins when dry

Tip: Glue on a button or ribbon to add some personal pizazz.

Liz Elliot is the co-founder of Craftbaby.com with her pal Candie. Whether it's painting office walls pink (home décor), chasing after a messy toddler (parenting), creating knock-offs because we're too cheap (DIY), or cooking without wheat so we don't get puffy (recipes) — we'll share it with you on our blog. Come connect with us!


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