3 DIY Scrapbook Alternatives

Organize family photos and memories with our three simple scrapbooking alternatives.

By: Tori Grant

Recording family memories is so important, but finding the time to curate them can be daunting. Use our time-effective alternatives to scrapbooking to produce a product you’ll treasure for years to come.

DIY Scrapbooking Box
Use an old cardboard box and embellished file folders to achieve the same result as expensive scrapbooks at a fraction of the price.

Medium-sized cardboard box
Wrapping paper
File folders
Craft paper
Small decorations


  1. Cover the box with wrapping paper, secure the edges with glue and then set aside to dry
  2. While the box is drying, label and decorate the file folders with craft paper and small decorations
  3. Fill the files with family photos, trinkets and anything else that reminds you of the time
  4. Use the extra room in the box for larger mementos that don't fit in the folders

Social Media Collage
Many everyday moments end up on a multitude of social media channels. If you’re not proactive about printing them out, they also have a tendency to stay there. Choose and print your favourite photos of the year and create a collage. Go the extra mile to frame the collage and hang it in the hallway for all to see.

Compile a Slideshow: The Year in Snippets
Make a slideshow showcasing the year’s best moments, photos and videos. Set it to music, choosing songs your family really loved that year. It doesn’t take long to create and it’s fun to do a slideshow “unveiling” on New Year’s Eve. Watch and remember how much your family has accomplished in the past 365 days.

Tip: Whenever you’re feeling nostalgic, pop in an old slideshow and remind yourself of how much the kids have grown.

Do you have any scrapbooking alternatives? Share them in the comment section below!

Tori is a wife and mother of two boys. Her blog Lil' Mrs. Tori is her creative outlet where she shares her latest craft projects and inspirations.


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