3 DIY Knife Blocks

Give extra knives a fun and decorative home by crafting your own knife blocks.

By: Grace Mitchell

Knife blocks don’t have to be boring or expensive. Using easy-to-find materials, you can fashion one that fits your sense of style and matches your kitchen!

Here are three ideas to help you create your own:

DIY Bamboo Skewer Knife Block
Purchase a container and a large bunch of bamboo skewers. The skewers need to be fairly snug, so make sure you have enough skewers to make it a tight fit. Make sure your container is deep enough to fully encase the bamboo skewers and contain the full edge of your longest knife.

Tip: Consider using a large mason jar or an old wooden box as the container to add some visual interest to your new knife block!

Place the bamboo skewers pointing up in the container. The skewers pointing up will allow the rods to separate easily when sliding a knife in. Place your knives in the knife block, and you are done!

Tip: Sand down the sharp edges of the skewers a little to make sure you don’t get pricked!

DIY Dried Bean Knife Block

  1. Purchase a large glass or plastic jar or vase and enough dried beans to fill it. You can purchase one type of bean for a monochrome look or a variety of beans for a speckled effect
  2. Pour the beans inside the glass container, pressing down to make sure they are settling
  3. Insert your knives and enjoy your beautiful and practical creation

DIY Magnetic Strip Knife Block

1 Strip of wood
1 Magnet strip the length of your wood
Hot glue

Note: The key is to make sure the magnetic strip you get is strong enough to hold your knives. Do a test run before completing the rest of the steps to be sure.


  1. Glue magnet strip to the front of the wood
  2. Cut the fabric so it is about 2 centimetres (3/4-inch) bigger than your wood piece on all sides
  3. Place wood piece magnet side down on the fabric
  4. Make sure wood is centred, and starting at the top, glue the edges of the fabric to the wood, pressing firmly to seal. Repeat at the bottom, and then on the sides. Try to ensure the fabric lays flat so it will be flush with the wall
  5. Trim extra fabric after you’ve glued everything down, if needed
  6. Screw the strip into the wall at each end

Tip: Learn more about organizing with magnets with our creative ideas.

Grace is passionate about home décor and smart DIY projects, as evidenced on her blog, A Storied Style. Being organized is the key to her calm as she and her husband raise their four children, ages 5 years and under.



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