3 Cute DIY Coin Purses

Never lose loose change again by creating one of these 3 cute DIY change purses.

By: Debra Steilen

Rummaging through your purse to find change can be frustrating. Keep your coins organized with stylish coin purses crafted from household materials.

1. Designer Cardboard Purse
Turn waxed cardboard into an adorable change purse with our downloadable template. When you’re done, cover it with washi tape for a personalized touch!

2. Simple Drawstring Purse
Whip together this crafty little purse from a leather scrap and shoelace. 

Scrap of thin, supple leather
Plate or bowl (optional)
Pencil or felt-tip marker
Small paper punch
Rotary-type leather hole-punch tool (available at crafts stores)
Leather shoelace
Thin ribbon (optional)


  1. Place the leather scrap facedown on a hard surface. Using a compass, draw a 15 1/2 centimetre (6 1/4-inch) circle on the back of the leather scrap. Using the scissors, cut out the leather circle

Tip: If you don’t have a compass, trace around a small round plate or bowl.

  1. Trace a 15 1/2 centimetre (6 1/4-inch) circle on a piece of paper and cut out. (This paper circle will become the template for punched holes.) Using the same centre point as before for your compass, trace a 7-centimetre (4 3/4-inch) circle within the first circle
  2. Using the paper punch, make 12 small holes equally spaced around the inner circle; the holes should be approximately 3 centimetres (1 1/4 inches) apart
  3. Place the paper circle on the back of the leather circle and mark the 12 holes with a fine-point marker. Adjust the hole punch to get the right-size tip — one that will accommodate the leather shoelace you have chosen. Use the leather hole punch to make holes in the leather circle where you made the 12 marks
  4. Thread the shoelace (or piece of thin ribbon) through the holes. Both ends of the shoelace need to end up on the outside of the coin purse. Pull the shoelace ends to make folds in the leather. Tie the shoelace in a bow to keep the coin purse shut

3. Charming Felt Coin Pouch
Use a simple embroidery stitch to make this simple coin pouch out of two felt rectangles. 

Fine-point marker
2 scraps of felt in the colours you desire
Fine-point marker
Large embroidery needle
Pearl cotton embroidery floss in the colour you desire
Small button


  1. Using the ruler and marker, make a 3 1/2-by-7-inch rectangle on the paper. Cut it out to use as a pattern
  2. Using the pattern, cut two 9-by-17 1/2-centimetre (3 1/2-by-7-inch) rectangles — one from each colour of felt
  3. Decide which colour of felt you want on the outside of your coin purse, and which colour of felt will be on the inside. Place the two pieces of felt together, matching up long and short sides. Place the two pieces of felt in front of you so that you have a vertical rectangle. Make sure the “outside” piece of felt is on the bottom
  4. Fold the bottom edge of the rectangle up to create a 7-centimetre (2 3/4-inch) -deep pouch. Fold the top of the rectangle down to create a 4 centimetre (1 1/2-inch) long flap
  5. Unfold the rectangles and start stitching the two pieces of felt together at the lower left-hand corner of the rectangle using a big needle, a strand of pearl cotton, and a blanket or running stitch
  6. When you get to the first corner, stop stitching and fold the felt pieces back together to re-create the 7-centimetre (2 3/4-inch) deep pouch. Continue stitching down the side of the pouch to stitch all four layers of felt together. When you get to the fold at the bottom, make a knot and cut the strand
  7. Start stitching again on the opposite corner of the bottom fold, heading up toward the flap. Stitch all four layers of felt together until you get to the top edge of the folded pouch. Make a knot, but do not cut the strand. Continue stitching around the edges of the remaining two layers of felt to create the flap

Tip: By the time you get near the end of the flap, the two layers of felt may no longer align. Trim the edge as needed, and then continue stitching until you reach the spot where you started. Make a knot and cut the thread.

  1. Fold the flap down over the pouch and decide where you want the button to show once it is pushed through a buttonhole. Make a dot on the flap with your marker. Use sharp scissors to cut a buttonhole on the dot
  2. Fold the flap back over the pouch. Push the tip of your marker through the centre of the buttonhole and make a dot on the pouch beneath to use as a guide to sew on your button. Sew the button on the outer layer of the pouch using the same colour of pearl cotton or embroidery floss you used to stitch the coin purse


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